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Applying for Veterans Benefits: 5 Tips for Caregivers and Spouses


my daddy served in the korean war and i don’t think he ever received or looked into a veterans pension we tried once just to get help with his teeth and that was a mess well he passed away in december of 2016 is my mom entitled to any help she had her big toe and part of her foot amputated in march and almost died in rehabilitation therapy twice she is home now she does receive home care until next week but she is living in a house where you can’t put water down her kitchen sink and there is no working bath or shower she is 81 years old lives on social security but she does have a farm that she just breaks even on can we get any help i live in another state and have my own health issues and my brother is done with her i am also taking care of my father in law who is moving in with us the middle of july please help

Everyone keeps saying no but going to ask again. I was married for about 38 years and my former spouse served 4 years in the navy during the vietman war. We divorced in 2003 and he since remarried. Last year 2017 he passed away from ALS saying service related so received benefits. So am I out of all benefits, if any, due that we got divorced. It isn't fair. can she apply for more benefits? Unfortunately his service was not addressed in the divorce degree . l

My family member is a Vietnam veteran and his daughter requires total
care and he is know 70 years old and has a family member that will help with the adult child, but he would like to know if his daughter would be entitled to his VA benefits since his wife is deceased and the
daily care of his daughter at his age has become very challenging. If anyone knows how to get assistance. I would greatly apperciate any guidance.

I enlisted the help of my local Veteran's Service Office in completing the VA Aid & Assistance application for my mother. We sent it in on March 19th and received an award letter on April 13 (less than 30 days). It did however take several months for me to receive my father's military service statement, but once I had all the documents, the application was pretty simple. I am now waiting for the VA to interview me to serve as the Fiduciary.

Does anyone have info on Veteran Angels?

The rights of veterans are constantly improving, but now veterans fells bad. And every day worse and worse. I hope Trump will pay attention to problems with the veteran. Now in America there are a lot of homeless veterans or disabled veterans of america who can not provide for themselves. They are helped only by the organizations of the help to veterans who are sponsored by charity. The largest organization is the Veterans of America https://www.va.gov/, but there are smaller organizations that also contribute a lot to helping veterans https://www.vfw.org/, http://www.vetsvision.org /

Want to live in a indapendant living apartment for va seniors am wheel chaired handicap due to severe arthritis in both knees do I qualify for VA assistance

I'm trying to find my husband's dd 214's and I just keep getting the run around he served from 1954 - 1963 during the Korean War. But never went overseas I have been told he's not considered a vet. I just wanted to find out if there were any benefit he was entitled to. Could someone please tell me.

my husband was in the Vietnam war and has died ...am I entitled to any life time benefits


Do these VA benefits for aging parents in need
also apply to Merchant Marines serving in the 1950's?