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Applying for Veterans Benefits: 5 Tips for Caregivers and Spouses


I enlisted the help of my local Veteran's Service Office in completing the VA Aid & Assistance application for my mother. We sent it in on March 19th and received an award letter on April 13 (less than 30 days). It did however take several months for me to receive my father's military service statement, but once I had all the documents, the application was pretty simple. I am now waiting for the VA to interview me to serve as the Fiduciary.

Does anyone have info on Veteran Angels?

The rights of veterans are constantly improving, but now veterans fells bad. And every day worse and worse. I hope Trump will pay attention to problems with the veteran. Now in America there are a lot of homeless veterans or disabled veterans of america who can not provide for themselves. They are helped only by the organizations of the help to veterans who are sponsored by charity. The largest organization is the Veterans of America https://www.va.gov/, but there are smaller organizations that also contribute a lot to helping veterans https://www.vfw.org/, http://www.vetsvision.org /

Want to live in a indapendant living apartment for va seniors am wheel chaired handicap due to severe arthritis in both knees do I qualify for VA assistance

I'm trying to find my husband's dd 214's and I just keep getting the run around he served from 1954 - 1963 during the Korean War. But never went overseas I have been told he's not considered a vet. I just wanted to find out if there were any benefit he was entitled to. Could someone please tell me.

my husband was in the Vietnam war and has died ...am I entitled to any life time benefits

Do these VA benefits for aging parents in need
also apply to Merchant Marines serving in the 1950's?

this is a very informative article :) thanks for this it is a light in my life

Dear Punnster, Thank you for your service.
You can google "Veteran Homes" to see if there is a facility in your area. VA Homes take a percentage of your income (&VA benefits if you have them) and are usually much less expensive than assisted living or board & care. But because of that, they usually have waiting lists. As a Korean vet, you would be given a high priority for admittance and even more so if you have a service-connected disability. You also want to talk to a VSO Veterans Service Officer with your county to be sure you get all the benefits you are entitled to. If that route is not helpful, a Medicaid county worker can help you with something helping you parttime in your home and a very few counties have assisted living with Medicaid waivers for lower rent. Be aware that trying to get VA and Medicaid at the same time is a paper chase. The best to you.


Caring for our handicapped son, our worries are, upon our demise,we often wonder if there will be a safe place for him to live. Hoping there are places for him to go to
that he could live out the rest of his his life with minimal help.