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How to Safely Pick a Loved One (or Yourself) Up After a Fall


I just read about a new product - a belt that's worn around the waist that contains two "Hip Air Bags" one on each hip. The "belt" looks like a fanny back except with two packs - each one located above the hip. According to this article, the bags inflate before the wearer hits the floor as they contain sensors of some sort. Not the most attractive thing to wear but what an innovation!

I'm having the same problem - my mother has weak legs and sometimes she cannot get up on her knees. Afraid I was get hurt lifting her.

Really need advice on how to pick up those that are wheelchair bound and cannot get up due to fused knees (arthritis) and no upper body strength.

This is great for those that have not had knee replacement surgery. The cannot get on their knees. How about a plan for those in this scenario?

Sandwich42.... The trick is to be proactive n not reactive... By assisting the person to stand wo falling vs. assisting them off floor after a fall. Putting someone in a nursing home because of falls, isnt going to prevent them from falling. Now instead of 1 on 1 care at home (with padded carpet) you are placing them in worse situation.... Prob 1 on 7 care where no one may notice they fell for up to 30 min or so, cuz they rarely fall in arms reach of the call button. Despite the fact that most facilities have no carpet. Dont be sold on the false sense of safety in bed/wheelchair alarms... They dont prevent falls (unless person is sooooo slow getting on their feet) but at least they wont lie on floor as long when alarm is going off. And for sure dont be sold on nursing homes providing your lived one w/ care and assistance 24/7...yes there are CNAs n nurses physically there....but they ate down the hall heloing

Just found this excellent article. I like Captains suggestion of using a stool though . My husband age 81 fell in the bathroom this evening and somehow got wedged between toilet and sink cupboard There was no way I could get him up so I called the ambulance ( 999 ) as we are in the UK.
Three Paramedics arrived swiftly who were perfect angels (two men and a girl) and got him up. They checked him over thoroughly and will be sending the Falls
Physio. to give us advice. Thank God for our great ambulance service - it sure beats most of the doctors, as these paramedics are so well trained and friendly and take time to do the job properly. At least thats my experience.

Thats crazy isnt it when a hoyer lift is free from Medicare or less than $400 On amazon?

Yesterday I talked to one of my customers and found out she recently purchased the "Camel" inflatable product (from the distributor in Michigan) for her husband who has fall issues. She hasn't used it for him yet but tried it out herself and was very impressed- easy hookups and she thinks it should work great. So a very good report- I know they are costly but it wasn't as bad as the $3000 I had thought.

This is really helpful. I must admit I've tried to pick up both of my parents and even though I didn't get hurt it wasn't safe for me or them to try.


Mom fell on carpet, face down. Knee felt wet. Dark red slacks. I cut the pant leg to the thigh and WOW she split the knee wide open, exposing the knee cap. Never even snagged the pants, felt no pain at all. Even the EMT said WOW. It took 17 staples to close the wound. So when they say they are fine, don't believe them.