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19 Free and Discounted Services for Seniors and Their Caregivers


There many seniors, like myself, who want or need part time employment. The job market isn't age friendly. Yet you have programs and organization specializing in older employees employment. Its not what you know, it's who you know. This should be investigated.

It's heartening that these services are starting to become more available. But at present, those are still mostly token, & many areas lack a good deal of these services entirely.
Free services administered by DSHS, are very modest [read: some unrealistically small]...but "better than nothing"]; & constantly changing. States are largely broke; struggling to cut Medicaid & welfare benefits for years.
One great idea are the Medical Equipment Banks some areas have, that people who no longer need theirs, donate it to this place, for others to either get for free, or donate how much they can...& return it to the Med. Equip. Bank once done using it.
Trouble is, the one in our area of W. WA, is only open about 2 hours on _One_ day a week...try to get to that?! And, it's difficult to connect with them by calling ahead to check if they have what one needs, before taking the trip to go there. It's run by volunteers; so many organizations dependent on volunteers, have been suffering lack of enough volunteers to do the work. ALL communities need far more volunteers to keep so many services going, as well as funding.

The "free" Medicaid dental services aren't free. Nothing from the government is. When your loved one passes on, the state will come after whatever cash and/or property they had left to recoup any or all of the expense. I learned the hard way.

Great resource !! Thank you!

I have a friend who lived with me in NC, but still had a valid Driver's License with his Virginia address who had a major stroke on June 9, 2017. He has been in the hospital, assisted living facility and now a transition facility. His oldest is in charge of his medicaid funds and wants him to come and stay with me for a month, but says there are no funds for food for the month of Jan. 2018. I am concerned by this...what should I do?

Is there a program that can help with fixture in your home..crack ,falling ceilings.,,paint

My 87 year old aunt wants to stay in her home, but has no one that can live with her. Her only daughter passed recently, her only grand daughter has a new born and a six yr old, she nor I can leave our homes long term to care for her. She would like to find someone to live in her home to assist her in exchange for rent, etc. How do I found people that are willing to do this?

Help. I'm a 74 year old widow living on Social Security alone. I have sought information from a local Roofer who gave me an estimate to replace my roof. The temporary calculation is $7,260 for a flat roof. However, the Insurance Company will only allow $2,951.42 because of the 20-30 year age of the roof and the fact that unknowingly, I signed up for a Less Non-recoverable Depreciation. So out of $8,543.74, the Insurance Co has deducted $4,517.32 and plus Less Deductible $1,075.00. The Contractor suggests that I not allow the Insurance Adjuster to know how much he is charging for his estimation. The Insurance Adjuster warns if the Roofer charges more than $2,951.42 to let him know so that he can review the itemized charges and exactly what will be done and give me financial advice. I am not to allow the Roofer this. I'm caught between two warnings and I don't know who to trust. The Insurance Co. is dogmatic with their advice. Please help me. YNajera

I have been taking care of my mother that had a stroke a year-and-a-half ago and I am yet to have any help. I am her son and the only person in the family left and it's very overwhelming to not have any help. She does have disability and Medicaid and we live in North Carolina but still can't seem to get help


I am a caregiver for my friend (Mark) who had a stroke. His family placed him in a nursing facility. Marks speech is limited and he needs to be changed. But he understands what you say. His alphabet and number recognition is perfect so i knew Mark was still there. So i quit my career cashed out 401which wasnt much, and i went and got him and i take care of him 24/7 hoping things would get better for him. Mark is hurt because his family got rid of him. He cant speak to voice his opinion and this is a corner we have to make to move forward. But like i told Mark and ill tell all of you, that when you had your stroke you became a problem. A life altering problem for everyone close to you. No one knew what to do or wanted to know. For most their lives are stressed enough. But to me Mark is worth it. He was there for me and my mom for years. Yes it has been stressing at times. The main problem with this situation is recovery. He is signed up for stem cell research but what about the meantime. There are no answers i have found to help in Marks recovery. I know of a few people that have done the same and they feel lost with no help trying to do this. My heart goes out to all of you. What i have found that puts it all into perspective is you doing this so your family member is comfortable in need of help. Ive told Mark many times if your going die your going to die happy. I get this huge smile from him because he's aware of everything and he isnt in a nursing home hes with me, a friend. Those of you who cant care for a loved one, dont feel guilty or like your doing something wrong. Your not you must continue your life or yours will fall apart. There are no easy answers to ageing, its just life. Dont worry trying to live happy it is as it will be, just make sure your happy when you die. No regrets ok...