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How to Pay for In-Home Care


My husband has been helping me more and more as the osteoarthritis has progressed in my knees that I can't climb our stairs or do most of the things that I once did. He was only working 8 days a month self employed delivering Avon but the contract went to UPS this year. Does anyone know of any way besides Medicare that could help us financially as I really need him to prepare meals, clean, help me upstairs to shower, remind me of my shots for rheumatoid arthritis and do shots twice a week. With or without him working we can't afford an agency and he already knows what I need. Please help!

I have checked with United Advantage who I have my Medicare through and they will only pay for an agency and I want my husband to be my caregiver as he has been doing it while working 8 days a month. I have contacted Medicaid, which I have, but they only pay my premium, no benefits. I have checked everywhere and can't find any agency that would pay my husband since my arthritis has become so much worse. Any suggestions? Kathy

I need information on how to get paid for taking care of parent.

How can I get paid for taking care of elderly parent?

My husband has Alzheimers, I still need to work, is there any govt aid for a companion for my husband as I work?

VA helpful, this is a joke right? Due to my dad's declining health, he is now living with me and I am working full time while I am also his full time caregiver. Since he was in the Air Force, we called and were given a phone appointment with a coordinator. We talked with the coordinator and because my dad did not serve during war time, he did not qualify for any assistance. I was told to submit one of their grants. What hurt the most that my dad who was always so proud to have served our country and who was also on the reserve for over twenty years, was so disappointed.

I'm in need of hospital equipment for our home.
Just wondering how to get a new hospital bed and have insurance to pay for it.

Home is the one place your parents find comforting. They know every inch of the home and stay in their home is a sign of competence and capability. Please look at every option to keep them in the home.

I have my mother living in my home. She is becoming more and more dependent. She takes up most of my day caring for her. I have heard that a lot of families let the sibling that is doing all this work keep their monthly checks after taking care of the parents expenses if any. Why should my brothers benefit from my mother saving her monthly checks when she pasess while I do all the work? Is this common practice with families?


commented in January that a reverse mortgage was a viable resource for this purpose. I would like to reiterate this and also mention that many people do not have long term care insurance or other resources besides their home equity. I know this seems out of the ordinary but many people that I speak with in their seventies and eighties have very little financial resources. This places greater emphasis on the potential use of a reverse mortgage as a safe effective tool to assist with care.