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The Elder Loneliness Epidemic


These are wonderful tips to help ease the loneliness so many older adults experience. It's also a great idea to enlist the help of a professional in-home caregiver to serve as a companion and enhance socialization.

I have learned that creativity and making art can provide meaning to life. Implementing Artists in Residence in nursing homes could help provide significance for people in LCTR through diverse range of creative and meaningful activities. It has been discussed in many studies that artists’ programs in LCTR provide meaning, relieve boredom and loneliness, and, most significantly, have shown a benefit for those suffering from mental illness (Brownie & Horstmanshof, 2011; Palacios-Ceña et al., 2016; Teeri, Leino-Kilpi, & Välimäki, 2006; Wood, Womack, & Hooper, 2009).

I've been so irritated with my dad I never realized maybe all he wants is conversation with me. The irritation is more because I feel we are stuck to take care of my dad while my other siblings get to live their lives. I've told them over and over to take das out or on their vacations. They hear me but rarely come visit him. They apologized to my husband and I when mom passed saying they were sorry they didn't spend more time with her, but they're doing the same thing to my dad. It's frustrating and most of the cause of my irritation. My sister is great though she helps out. It's my 3 brothers. My husband is always engaging with my dad. He's awesome and has more patience than I do. Reading all your comments opened my eyes to be more patient and take time to converse with my dad. I'm thankful he is healthy. Thank you

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I'm sorry too, Me, for what you're going thru. Cwillie does come up with some good suggestions but it depends on the area you live in; around here, such places where care becomes avail. as needed are very expensive or you need to be broke enough to be on Medic-Aid (and the Medic-Aid places usually have waiting lists a mile long). So I'm not sure what I'll do as I get (even) older; it's a problem for a lot of us unfortunately. I wish you the best of luck.

Sorry you are estranged from your family me@att, I think you are essentially in the same boat as many of us who are unmarried and childless. The best advice I can give to you is to plan your future as though you are alone. Pick a living arrangement where care will be available in the future as it becomes needed, where there is the potential to make friends and neighbours look out for each other, and where there are interesting things going on to keep you interested and engaged in life.

what happens when a senior who has children don't come or call, not even when I am in the hospital. No one calls or visits, not even the gr. children. I had a gr. child that was living w/me & he got killed less then a month ago. I just feel like no one cares and I don't have a of money seeing as I am retired now. I don't hardly eat so I no longer cook. what am I to do?

All of the *few* groups around here that I'd be interested in joining are full of younger people & as nice as the young gals are in the ones I've tried joining, I really miss the companionship of gals closer to my age, someone who can relate to the aches, pains, indignities (can't sit thru a movie without having to use the restroom, etc.) of old age; alas only grps for gals in my age group are kid/grandkids, religion, arts/crafts related, none of which I'm at all interested. You know, some of the best advice I ever got was from some1 on the internet: "Sounds like with your interests, you'd be better off in or near a large city." Which, if I could afford it & my hubby would move, I'd do in a red-hot minute. But too late now.


The article does reflect what tends to happen as we age. However, I find that I can make new friends and I am 78. They are much younger than I am and that is good, I have a sig other I met about 7 years ago and several friends I met when in my 70s. I have also lost friends through death, illness or by them moving to other locations. Sig other is very busy so I tend to spend quite a lot of time alone but I don't mind that and I am not lonely. Sometimes it is a matter of reaching out to others - taking the risk to get to know someone better. My kids have their own lives which at times include me but not regularly and I am OK with that. All the suggestions are good but do not fit everyone. We each have to carve out our own way.