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Fire Safety for Elders with Special Health Needs


Special attention and care has to be given for the elderly. When it comes to security we need to consider how vulnerable and fragile they are to emergency situations. I read a blog compiled by Protection Plus security solution on how to be prepared for an encounter with fire at home http://protectionplus.ca/blog/prepared-fire-home/. I do regular monitoring of fire alarm system at home. Else all your investment goes futile. Check if your fire alarm system covers national building code and national fire code. Those who install should be well trained. There should be clarity in signaling. See for ULC certificate.

Very informative, creating a fire escape plan in every room is a good way to prepare yourself and your family incase if a fire breaks out. My mother is old but she is very passionate about cooking. I used to worry about her a lot so I decided to get her a smoke alarm from fire monitoring canada http://www.fire-monitoring.com/ . Most of the house fires begins in the kitchen so its always good that you place your alarm close to the kitchen. There are plenty of simple preventive measures that we can take to avoid house fires. Never leave cooking food unattended and make sure that you always turn off all the electrical appliances when you leave home.


Two exits from every room? Are you living in the same real world that I am? From my mother's bedroom there is the door to the hall and ... a window. If the hallway is blocked and I'm not in her bedroom already, how the heck is she supposed to open and get through the window?

Ohmygosh! What fantasy worlds do these advisors live in?