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Is Your Parent’s Long-Term Care Residence Ready For An Emergency?



Alot of this depends on what the emergency is. For isolated emergencies like fire or tornadoes or contamination if the facility has a plan it seems to work. But for larger regional disasters like floods or cat 4 & 5 hurricanes, it's all chaos.

We went thru Katrina, my MIL was in a LTC facility in NOLA and we had many friends who had parents in NH all along the coast or were health care providers at the time. The facilities who had plans in place were just as bad off as those who didn't, all the "planning" was moot. This was because the facility's plan assumed that staff would show up to work and that just didn't happen. Many were at 50% staff and alot of those left when they saw a way out. The next time there is a major hurricane, I bet the % goes even lower.

Because of the post Katrina litigation and vilification of Dr Anna Pou and other brave doc's, nurses and staff who stayed and worked at Memorial Baptist and other hospitals and NH in the Katrina zone in LA & MS, the majority of the health care providers we know are not going to show up the next time there is a major emergency.I can't blame them. If your worried about your folks in the NH when there is a major disaster, then you need to go and get them and their medications. Otherwise hope for the best.