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3 Legal Documents Caregivers Need to Manage a Senior’s Healthcare


My father drew up his DPOA papers in Missouri, where he was living. When his health begin to fail my siblings decided to move him closer to us, in another state. Is his DPOA for financial and health valid in Illinois?

I want to know if our POA is valid cuz I had them done in March but got them notarized 7/7/17? It was a last minute decision on my mom's part

is guardianship available in uk

I am needing to start the DPOA process due to my mother's dementia. There are so many comments and opinions on here that it's confusing. Where do I go to start this process? She is on a limited income. Is there some way she can get this started without paying a fortune?

Wouldn't the Five Wishes cover this(good in 48 States) ? One copy to the person in charge of the decisions, one with your doctor and one kept on hand for paramedics or hospital.

Four years ago, the administrator of my husband's rehab center suggested that I see an elder law attorney. That was the best advice I received regarding both him and me. Over the last few years, I have done all of what you have suggested and it has made for peace of mind!

Great article. Thanks for the info, you made it easy to understand. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a HIPAA Authorization for Use and Disclosure form, I found a blank form in this link http://goo.gl/CXP2qh. This site PDFfiller also has some tutorials how to fill it out and a few related Insurance forms that you might find useful.

If a Dentist office tells you that they can not discuss your elderly mother's care about her treatment with you because of HIPPA even though they took your money for payment and discussed it in the past but never mentioned Hippa form and you are listed as emergency contact and your mother gave permission by making you power of attorney, isn't that Dentist office full of it? Crap that is.

My mother never signed a health care proxy and when she was admitted to a geriatric psyche ward last year, I, her only daughter, had no right to make medical decisions for her. The state took over, appointing a state attorney who quite frankly was incompetent and delayed a procedure that I had originally agreed to. It took at least two weeks to get her out of that facility and that was only after I threatened to sue the hospital if she became 'institutionalized'. Apparently, that word evoked in them the fact that I may have talked to an attorney.

At any rate, once she was out and somewhat mentally able to sign the health care proxy, we got one immediately.

Do not put this off. Impress upon your parents, esp those who are of a later generation than the baby boomer generation, that it is vitally important they appoint someone as their health care proxy. Impress upon them that the STATE will take over and may do procedures they or you would never want!


I am listed next in line after my dad to make health care decisions for my mom should she not be able to do so. Last year we had a crisis lasting many months where my dad was not very understanding about her condition and where I had to talk to the doctors. My mom is alert now. Who could I contact to help make these matters clearer and act in my mom's best interest?