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How to Get Guardianship of a Senior


Dad refuses home care and insist he can live alone 94 hard of hearing with dementia. Likes to argue

Where do I begin to start process of becoming the legal guardian for my aging Mother?

My aunts neighbor became her guardian. She cannot walk well, has dementia. Went to visit and she was soaked in urine from nite before. This was at 1 in the afternoon. My aunt has(had) a substantial amount of funds. The caretakers don't have credentials and only come in at out for short periods of time. Her home is in need of repair. The care taker said they don't call an ambulance when she falls or is sick because the state starts asking questions. The guardian doesn't want to deal with all that. I'm concerned. She was walking and visited my home only 3 years ago and now she can't leave her home. Hair gets matted. Etc. who do I contact?

When one sibling is caring for the incapacitated parent in their home is there any obligation of other siblings to contribute in some way ..

My dad, at 87, has recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 rectal cancer and my mother has dementia. They are each other's power of attorney. Can my brother go to court and gain guardianship if they have existing POA's? Thank you

From what I read somewhere, I think it's probate. I studied a topic on abusive probate guardianship where are mostly the very rich are targeted

my sister takes care of our mom, that's just how it happened. My mom was abusive to me and my brothers. Till this day I am affected by how cruel and mean she was, and she still has that in her. I love my mom but she also abused me deep to the core. She says she's good with God, but yet she has to family to come see her, only Me. And, she still complains, is bossy, mean, controlling, and has been yelling wolf for 50 years for attention. She will break me if I end up taking care of her. My heart still hurts from all her insults and put downs I received from her. oh! and she threw me under the bus more times than I can remember. She has never apologized to me or my brothers, 2 have passed away. Is she good with God?

Awarded guardianship in NY of my Alzheimer's mom. Can I move her to another state?

My mother in law has Alzheimer's, my husband and my sister in law split the duties of caring for her along with an aide the we pay to stay with her during the day while they are at work. We have been doing this for a year since my father in law passed away suddenly. Stress levels are very high as we have families at home that need our attention also and fights between siblings have happened. My sister in law is POA and health care proxy. She is mad over a recent fight and has told us she is no longer avaialable for in home care for her mother. She said she will continue with taking care of the bills and stay in contact with a program through Medicaid that she has been trying to get my mother in law into that will provide around the clock care for her (waiver program). My husband is now left with caring for his mother other than when the aide is there. My question is, if my sister in law is POA and health care proxy isn't it her job to find people that will come in to take care of my mother law if she is refusing to do so? What action can we take If any?


guardianship does not trump poa. But conservatorship does. My husband is poa over his parents. And my husband's brother's wife has guardianship. She takes care of all the medical issues with mom and dad. But my husband will take care of the bills that occur.