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How to Get Guardianship of a Senior


My mother has been living with me for past 18months she left me as living will declaration march 2009 2016 I sign her out of new behavior dodge county Georgia the rest of her family wanted her in assisted living center cause she gets on nerves my older sister and mother have a strange relationship she's my mother but I don't like her my sister herself has been under mental health care for CVyears 6 weeks ago we were talking she got to saying how mama was never there for her she would have great life if mother wouldn't made her come back to live with bnbher st whe 5 now somehow with family members help she has obtained medical care overseer I had no knowledge of her or family members filing for G advance directive for healthcare she got moved to assisted living center against her will

To obtain guardianship of a parent with dementia can I fill out the forms myself or must a hire a lawyer. If so can someone recommend a serious and reliable? What are the documents required?

My husband and I are concerned about his mother, she is mentally ill has good days and bad days. lately she has been having episodes and she is not spending her money responsibly. she needs a care taker to come in and help her or remind her to do everyday living activities such as cleaning and showering when we try to help she get defensive and flips out. :( its heart breaking. My husband stays away because he doesn't want to deal with it. i feel its my duties to get her in a clean safe environment where she doesn't have to worry. Make sure her bills are paid and she has everything she needs. she paid the neighbor boy ( hes 9 yrs old ) $300 to shovel her drive way one time. things like this makes us question her capability to be responsible for her own finances. what do we do? please help.. how do we get start the process of
becoming her guardian?

Where do I go to start the process of aging parents in Detroit Michigan?

If you or someone you know is the victim of elder financial abuse, you may want to do your homework about this and even guardianship abuse. After listening to the radio show, I learned there's a little known secret that's being kept from us on how to get a fair trial and demanding to be heard before a grand jury to overturn abusive guardianship and also unneeded guardianship. When you find out you're being targeted, you have only 10 to 15 days to take proper action. By time words appear in court with their guardians, they've already been drugged so bad they're pretty much out of it. Another thing to be very wary of is they usually target the wealthy and kidnapped our elders only to spend down and steal money and assets. Cameras are reportedly removed from the court rooms so no one can see the laws that are broken by the person that's supposed to be the judge only to find out it's really not a judge but someone acting as a judge. Be very careful and learn all you can about your rights if you or someone you know has been the victim of guardianship abuse


Dad refuses home care and insist he can live alone 94 hard of hearing with dementia. Likes to argue

Where do I begin to start process of becoming the legal guardian for my aging Mother?

My aunts neighbor became her guardian. She cannot walk well, has dementia. Went to visit and she was soaked in urine from nite before. This was at 1 in the afternoon. My aunt has(had) a substantial amount of funds. The caretakers don't have credentials and only come in at out for short periods of time. Her home is in need of repair. The care taker said they don't call an ambulance when she falls or is sick because the state starts asking questions. The guardian doesn't want to deal with all that. I'm concerned. She was walking and visited my home only 3 years ago and now she can't leave her home. Hair gets matted. Etc. who do I contact?

When one sibling is caring for the incapacitated parent in their home is there any obligation of other siblings to contribute in some way ..


My dad, at 87, has recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 rectal cancer and my mother has dementia. They are each other's power of attorney. Can my brother go to court and gain guardianship if they have existing POA's? Thank you