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The Difference Between a POA, Durable POA and Living Will


My Ex signed a power of attorney from VA when I had 5 strokes. She had been raping my checking and savings account for 2 years. I wouldve never known about until the account bounced 3 times. She kept the money i only looked back seven months and well over 10,000 dollars and somewhere a purchase for 5000 dollars. I need to turn this over to welfare the miracle happened she has been disabled and bed ridden for over a year. Even wearing depends every day. She invited a guy over for sex and walked in on her. Threw her out. Can I be directed to someone that can advise me. I dont know the law but stealing 10K is a felony that she put all this money into another account she had made up. Will VA help me ? they have yet to answer my request for help.

At some point, you will need to tell his daughters and tell them that you have the documents.

Check out the library, there are many books etc. on POA's etc. that can help you. Just make sure it covers all issues. We were able to get our POA signed and notarized, and witnessed at a major hospital in Baltimore who provided the service.

I am my moms POA. I do a good job of it too. I live nearby and help her in all ways. My brother lives many states away and is money hungry and jealous. Whenever he comes in to town he causes trouble. He now wants her to change it to a duel POA to include both our names. Mother has the beginning sighs of dementia and the doctor states that she is not competent to change her will of which he wants changed too. I do not as I am respecting her wishes. He has made threats to get a lawyer to fight me. He is manipulating her to change his mind to do what he wants. These tactics seem verbally abusive to me. Also he is on oxecodon sp?. I believe this is altering his attitude. Could I get a restraining order to prevent him from verbally abusing and manipulating mother? Help! Things need to stay like they are.

My brother lived out of state. Recently my mother made me POA. Now he feels left out even though we let him know what is going on with her. He is now tryi g to make threats on me if I do not allow her to change it to put his name on it too. I really love my mother and take care of her. How can I stop this from happening? He upsets and manipulates my mother when he is in town. I have even thought about getting a restrai ing order on him if he sees her. Can I do that? He is verbally and emotionally abusive to her.

A POA ends with the person's death.

Is there such a thing as POA after death?

Medicaid often resorts to Guardianship to acknowledge requests from DPOA, so make sure your state clarifies this- my Mother has 'selective' diminished capacity to pass the buck to me regarding legal or insurance issues- she instructs the inquiring party that "she is a busy person, so contact my daughter."

This is a very important subject.Before you take on the responsibility of caring for a parent be sure and have all legal documents your parents made reviewed by an attorney. Do not end up in the role of caretaker only to find out an uninvolved sibling can make the final health or financial decisions because of previously drawn up documents by your parents. Only take on the care taker role if you have full control over all decisions. Do this BEFORE you start being the caretaker.


Should the entire document be rewritten for an address change or an addendum?