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8 Ways to Stop Stressing Now


Am really glad found this article. Have been trying to help and take care of my dad who is 88, on a walker, a little unsteady and forgets sometimes. It has been really frustrating as have been down and awful sick lately with some major GI problems, both rheumatoid, osteoarthritis, etc. Not much help to either of us lately and we are the only family each other has in this area to speak of right now. Really don't like to ask for help and friends are scarce as well. Am getting to have two rough GI procedures done next week and having mobility issues as well, am really stressed and not sure how am supposed to take care of Dad or myself either.

Pretty crappy way to get an unavoidable break and seems like the only breaks have had is getting groceries or doctor appointments for the past few months. Sorry am not handling this too good right now, but thanks for the article and other caregiver comments.

I feel like burying me head.

Add in: Mom has moved into OR today, and I am alone in our condo in CA; just hope Medicaid does not pull the rug under me, forcing a sell on our condo that is part of the trust in Mom's 50% of her assets. Pat V.

Yes, I am one of the stressed-out and abused caregivers and also unemployed for 19 months. I am now going into therapy to help me stop getting angry at anyone for all the extreme and unfortunate frustration. That and prayers will help me cope through difficult times. Hope that OR state Medicaid does not take away ours (Mom and Mine) condo away from us because I have nowhere else to go without steady income at least 6 months per year or permanent work.

Well hubby crashed the car last week ,he is fine but no memory of what happened. Im so greatful he is not hurt and he didn't hurt anyone. We don't live close to family but the kids (29 &33) came to help while dad was in the hospital. My sister came to help too. We are going to Doctors now with follow ups still no real answer. Everyone would like us to move closer to them but Im just not sure. I need to finish with the doctors ,and insurance, and the car... then breath .... yes I'm overwhelmed , now everyone is back to there lives , i'm greatful they came for a while. now I take one step then another .... and breath

I tend to have discussions like this on my company's LinkedIn group of "Hands from the Heart." I think this is a major point of concern that caregivers are so under-appreciated. Usually they are hard-worked, underpaid, and have little support. I definitely agree with the first statement. So important to support one another.

I am a caregiver for my parents and am getting burn out. I feel so bad when I lose my patience with them which I seem to do more but it is a 24/7 with no break. My dad fell and broke his hip 3 years ago and really is mostly bound to a chair and bed. My mom is doing pretty good but is getting a little more forgetful. I live very close and spend 16-20 hours a day at their place. My husband has been good about this and rather I spend the nights there with them than everyone to live together. My brother lives a few states away and comes in every 6 months or so to stay a week or 2 by the time he gets here I have to take my dad to the dr and am so burn out that I am too tired to do much. My brother and I aren't close due to that I seem to never be good enought for him. I don't care about that doesn't bother me just that my mom can not see this and I seem to be the bad peson. Which anymore I don't care about that.I do have a garden and flowers and even have a few chickens now to help me and thankful for the internet. We could hire some help but my mother is so shy that I would have to be there when they were so why waste the money. They wouldn't be happy in the nurseing home so I am trying to just do the best I can. I have tried to hold on to the family land for my child and grandchildren but I am getting to the point that that isn't even inportant to me anymore my brohter doesn't have children. My parents feel that everything should be split down the middle and me do all the work. Sometimes I get resentful on that. I pray for patience nore then anything not the yell. I have my dad to kick his legs before he gets up to be easier and he doesn't even want to do that. I know others have it harder but I guess I need to just write this down. I just go from house to house all day. I also babysit grandkids some. I am going to have to do more for myself because i don't even know who I am anymore. Good luck to all the caregivers out there. May be one of the hardest things you will ever do.

As far as the article is concerned I am one of those SANDWICHED CAREGIVERS and I learned alot from my experiences and continue to learn. Also i think it makes my children more understanding for people with disablities. They do not make fun or tease anyone that is "different' or elderly". Watching their mom take care of their NaNa made them very understanding


Hey clueless, Just hang in there alright. Just tell yourself it will be alright. Re-examine why you are taking care of them in the first place. Call to find out if there are any programs you can get them into so they can get in a skilled nursing facility. Do a little research on the matter. Is there other family members that can help out even for a couple of hours so you can have some down time? If there is do not be ashamed to ask....

Life is very funny because when we feel we used up every ounce of energy, or we think that we can not handle anymore we all seem to get up in the morning and do it all over again. Day after Day.