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How to Support a Loved One Who Is Dying


Good article, however, a lot of this cannot be done with someone who's dying in part from dementia. These conversations aren't possible. I wish it were this simple with my dad, but it's not.

I loved this article. It is so true. Respect the person, that is dying, first and do what you can for them to make their time comfortable. Sit with them and talk about what you have been doing. Listen to them and just be there. It is not easy.

Very helpful information. I'm in the midst of saying goodbye to my aging father. I will use these suggestions to guide my conversation today, which may be our last , as I board an airplane home tomorrow.


I am 47, and my Dad just dyed of cancer last October 2014, In the meantime, my mother came out of 8 years in remission with Mantle Cell Lymphoma. I want to deal with this as best as I can, in helping her with the loss of my Dad (60 years of marriage). My mom went into the hospital tonight with Congestive Heart Failure, fluid around her heart and lungs. She looks grey in color. She has always been a fighter, and she doesn't like to complain. But, she is starting to talk about it. I advice on what to do, how to help her, and how to handle it. I am a teacher, so I am off for the summer. My son has been living with her, taking care of her. He quit his job to stay with her full time. Just wanting advice on the situation.