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VA Pension Provides Veterans with Supplemental Income


For those that served in between wars should also qualify as they would have been called up for war if one broke out. They were still required to be alert and would have fought if told to. I think anyone who has served should be entitled for benefits. It is a crock that they aren't.

It sure takes time to process VA disability stipend! AND, sometimes the system is very creative in ways to block vets from getting those benefits...
Like: several years back, VA got “hand-slapped” and fined pretty big, for starting to tell PTSD patients they no longer had PTSD.
So, to get around that, they started to re-diagnose PTSD patients with OTHER, non-military-connected mental conditions, like Bipolar [never mind, that trauma can trigger someone who might be already fragile, to spin into that kind of behavior--behaviors overlap between diagnoses, so much! Doing that, allows VA to avoid paying vet disability for military-connected conditions....they will keep treating them, just not dish out disability stipend for it.
There has been so much good stuff done by VA, yet these kinds of things keep happening, and, it’s absolutely connected to Administration/industry policies and procedures. If one fails to look discerningly at things going on in VA systems, one can miss what’s happening. I worked in a VA hosp. for a time, and saw far too much they never wanted seen. I couldn’t bear to work there anymore, because of the lack of administrative ethics.
Bottom line is, if you know you should qualify for military service related conditions, and you have not been properly diagnosed or documented, you have a tough job, trying to convince the system to pay VA disability stipend.
You can repeal a turn-down.
You must be proactive, persistent, patient, and just keep working at it. Sometimes it takes years.
Sometimes they don’t pay out on conditions you think they should, but will pay for others.
ANY condition that was documented on your DD214 when you exited service, has higher likelihood of getting covered; much tougher to retroactive get DX for condition and get it covered.

You do not need a guardianship, (and a guardianship may have many complications). In place of the power of attorney, the VA has a form for you to be the representative

I have tried to navigate this A & A benefit for my dad. I went to the Veterans' Service Center for help. All that happened was dad got entered into the system as"intent to file a claim". I was also givsn a checklist of documents to produce. The representative seemed to have information that conflicted with what I've researched & heard, especially regarding assets. I recommend consulting an elder law attorney that has experience with VA financial matters. It could be worth the fee.

I'm caregiver for a veteran and the only help he can get is 10 hours a week paid thru VA....Could you tell me of other programs he could be qualified for Thank you in Advance...

My dad is a ww2 war vet plus Korean war my mom is is nursing home dad is paying out of pocket cause don't qualify for Medicade for moms stay wanting to get the VA help to put towards monthly payment. How does the 80,000 max affect getting help.

The VA structure is based on, "If we don't tell them, we don't have to pay 'em!". And if you don't ask the exact question, they won't offer anything. I was injured on active duty in a "simulated battlefield" exercise. I've been disabled since 1990, when they forcibly removed me from active duty.
My health has gone downhill and I need help with my day to day, and especially with my meds. My youngest son has stepped up and serves as my Caregiver. He monitors my meds, helps with meals, clothing, etc..
The VA will NOT pay him as a Caregiver because I am a Pre-9/11 Non-Combat Veteran. I know others in the same position, several from Vietnam and Korea.
The VA has started to split the groupings of Combat vs Non-Combat.
We can't get a thin dime from the VA because they want the money for the younger Vets. I'm not saying they shouldn't get it, but why are we left out? I'm only 57, so I don't qualify for anything. No Social Security. No Medicare/Medicaid. No Welfare. And the VA treats me like a Pariah.

And notice: The Veterans Administration Admin Bonus Rewards Program is still running full steam. The upper echelon get these rewards? Why? They are rewarding FAILURE! You can see it in the news. Dead Vets in bathrooms. Vets dying while nurses stand there and laugh.
But they've got enough money for Bonuses!
I'm tired. I have fought with these bureaucrats since 1990. They never listen and I'm running out of fight. I don't think I've ever been closer to the barrel.
We don't matter.
And they don't care.

I am the primary caregiver of my 84 year old Father, who served in the Marine Corps during the Korean War. He has been disabled since November 3, 2017. I have been caring for him since and have been recently informed of some financial assistance that I may be eligible for. If you can be of any assistance regarding this, I would be most appreciative.

Been trying for over a year now with no luck. Using a lawyer and a social worker


Help! My husbands sister are trying to force her into assisted living. I told her about this program and she qualifies. She did nothing! Now she wants her out of her home and into care. I desperately need info on getting started on this program. Can anyone send me the link I need? And can I request an urgent reply and assistance as soon as possible so they won't force her out of her home?? Help please. Were desperate.