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Veterans Pension Helps Pay for Long-Term Care and Home Care


I am a 76 year old 100% disabled male veteran (VietNam era ). I am becoming increasing more in need of help with daily living.


Where do you find the application for Home Health Care my father is 100% disability from World War II e who is 89 years old my mother has been taking care of him for the past nine months and it is taking a toll on her very fast did not know if there was a program to where the VA can come to the house to draw blood from him and check on him time to time it's very hard for my mother to transport him to his doctor's appointment and he can no longer Drive or go by himself she is getting very overwhelmed do not know where to start or where to go please help

Am I reading correctly? The Vet has to have served during a war for him to be eligible for Aid & Attendance?

My mother is 85 and was in the Air Force during the Korean War. She has recently suffered 2 mild strokes, dementia and severe hand tremors. She has no savings and only income is a small amount from S.S. We can't afford the high cost of nursing homes or in home care, and wondering what we should do?

My mother is 85 and was in the Air Force during the Korean War. She has suffered two mild strokes, some dementia, and tremors. She has no savings and her only income is a small amount from S.S. She cannot be left alone, but we cannot afford the high cost of nursing homes and in home care. What do you recommend we do?

Do my parents have to currently be receiving in home help prior to applying for VA home care?

My mother (surviving spouse), age 91, has received the maximum Aid & Attendance benefit for the last 2 1/2 years while in Assisted Living. However, all expenses are not covered by her income, so her bank account has been drained. We were forced to sell her home which sold for less than $50,000. Now I'm hearing this will disqualify her VA benefits as it will be counted as income instead of assets. And this will be EVEN THOUGH she has less money now than when she first qualified. If disqualified, can she reapply after a year? Do the proceeds of the home sale continue to affect her qualifications?

My father is a vet who lives with me. A VA nurse comes to our home for blood draws and medication management. She suggested that I get Aid and Attendance. My father needs assistance 24/7, so I stay at home with him. She asked someone at the VA office in our town to call me. When that person called, she asked if I wanted to bill my father for living here. I was so embarrassed that I just said no. My husband suggested that I ask more questions or speak to someone else. We're getting into a financial bind because of the situation. The nurse had made it sound like there was paperwork involved, but the payment was a standard amount. The idea of billing my father really got to me. How does anyone get past the awkwardness of writing a bill for a loved one?

Yes, you are however, it will be based on medical need, and asset/ income nuances. These are not clearly explained by the VA. You may message me if you are in Georgia.


My husband died while on active duty, no DD214, because his death certi, is his last military form so I was told. he served in the war of Vietnam, am I entitled to aid and attendance