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Services That Can Help Seniors Continue to Live Independently


I was lucky that a relative is a social worker at our local hospital. We needed someone to bathe my husband and sit with him while I would be free to shop or focus on our finance management and to make dinner. The social worker knew a personal care assistant who was friendly and honest and has worked out well since my husband wouldn't get into the shower for months until she came. Paying her is a little more expensive than the people who do household work and make lunch, but it is worth it as his skin condition has improved with two showers a week. The local Alzheimer's Association also produces a book of resources and lists independent aides who work for cash. Agencies do background checks and provide liability insurance (in case the worker gets hurt in your house). They also can provide substitute aides when your usual person can't make it one day.

The problem my parents ran into when trying to secure help by having health care workers come to the homebis they make too much money. Even the VA wouldn't help and Dad retired from the Navy. So you've hot elderlyvpeople that have a serious need, but they can'r afford thevkindbof care my Dad would need, but no one could do anything because of their income. There is no where to turn.

A couple of years ago I was told I have mascular degernation in left eye. I was given shots in eye for approximately 2 years. it didn't help I don't think. so stopped going. I have always had my eyes checked ever 6-12 months. So my question is why wasn't it detected sooner. Now, I can't tell light colors.

It was helpful.

I see that most comments are old, but thought I would post in the hope that it may help someone. Try the following links:
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Both my parents need in home care. My father is a disabled Vet (blind, diabetic and can't walk). My mom has taken care of him for many years, but now she is having health problems and can't care for him alone any longer. I would like to be able to care for both of them. Can I get paid to care for them in their home? I am a certified caregiver in Arizona. Thank you for any advice.

As individuals age, some day-to-day activities become more difficult to do. Supported living house has aides available around the clock to assist residents with bathing, grooming, dressing and taking their medications..
As we age, we may not need medical care yet but we may need some help moving around, eating, dressing, or keeping house. This is when the middle child steps in, the assisted living facility. These facilities are designed to assist you or your loved ones with these everyday activities and supply you with social interaction.

As a physician and home care agency owner I find that clearly distinguishing home health care from non-medical home care is important to help people understand that they cannot turn to Medicare or commercial health insurance to pay for ongoing personal care or household help. The payment sources for the latter are virtually limited to out of pocket and LTC insurance, unless the care recipient qualifies for Medicaid or other government-subsidized programs.

hey my name is brenda i help take care of my mom. she also stay with my brother. he is getting to the point that he is getting tied of helping me. i work everyday it getting hard on me i dont know what to do. if i stop working i want have any income. i am trying to help take care of her want can i do is there. anyone with anwer. my mom lost her left leg 7 month ago. and she also have kidney daylisy. please help brenda.


Hi! I'm looking for guidance in Phoenix, Az. I was starting an IHCSS (In home care support service) job in California but an emergency in our own family came up. My twin girls grandma had a stroke & I was trying to see if I can do the same here in Az but I can't seem to find who to talk to about this. I can't afford not to have some kind of income while she gets better. She has very limited mobility on her right side from shoulder to foot. Does anyone know where I might could start to look into getting paid a little while my kids & I are here?