"How Can I Get Paid for Taking Care of My Elderly Parents?"


Just wanting to know Iam employed at chilcare worker at the moment,but want to leave and look after my mum am I entitled to get paid for doing this

Is there a centre in Perth Western Australia

Hello, I've been taking by care of my father who is 82 years old. He's permenantly disabled. He receives retirement and has Medicare. I quit my job of 8 years to care for him. How can I find out if I'm eligible for benefits.

What about car usage? We've been having a lot of financial and car problems. We've only had one car for over a year and we have to spread that one car over 4 people -- I have to use it to help my mother and do her driving and my husband has to do the same with his father. A couple of months ago we had to buy another (small, used) car in an emergency situation, to replace our 14 yr. old car that was in bad shape. (My husband had been using that car to help his father and do his driving for almost 10 yrs.) We had to cash in some retirement money for the down payment and had to take out a loan for the rest.

While my mother has her car sitting in her driveway doing nothing. She won't expect my siblings and their families, with all of their cars, to do any of her driving, and they don't. She won't use her community's shuttle bus or take a cab or use grocery delivery service. I keep reminding her that we only have one car, but she's dismissive, as usual. She's said that if I don't take her to her doctors' appointments, she doesn't have any way of getting there. What if I have car problems or just don't have use of a car -- she won't be able to get to the doctor?

My father-in-law gave my sister-in-law his car for free, because they didn't think she should have to scrape up her own money and take out a loan to buy her own car (the way we had to). I think whoever the parent gives their car to, should be the one who has to do the parent's driving. But that's not how it works with my in-laws. Sister-in-law gets the free car and my husband is expected to do their father's driving with our only car, with the monthly loan payments.

bluesgirl53, the majority of grown children do not get paid for caring for their parent unless the parent can pay you directly from their own retirement fund. You would need to set up an employment contract stating how many hours per week you will work, what are your duties, and the hourly rate decided between you and your Mom... you would be responsible for payroll taxes.

To get paid going back ten years, that depends if your mother can afford to pay you for the past ten years.

If your mother is on Medicaid, check with your State Medicaid office to see if your State has any type of caregiver payment program... not many States do... if they do, chances are it would be minimum wage at a few hours per week. And no, you would not be paid for the past 10 years.

i have been caring for my mother for 10 yrs now with no help. how can i get paid for doing this and can i go back the 10 yrs.

i have took care of my two elderly parents for two years.i'm in need of money to get help with them. i need to take time for me too. does anyone know how to get help?

Need financial aid to buy new bed

My mom just turned 89. She is in pretty good health for her age, but has trouble walking and uses a walker and is fairly frail. She worked for a government job for 30+ years and was smart enough to take out a long-term care plan, which along with her SS and pension, has been able to keep her in a very nice assisted living center. However, that money is going to be running out in less than a year. We are trying to get VA benefits from my deceased father, but so far it does not look hopeful. I work at home for my job, telecommuting, so I am home all day but cannot provide full time care for her during the day, and my husband is on the road as a trucker so he is not available except one week a month. she may be coming to live with us when her money runs out and if that is the case I would probably have to hire a home caregiver during the day while I work. She still has her SSI and her pension, but I heard there are some programs that can provide aid for caregivers. Does anyone know how to get information on some of these financial aid programs. Also has anyone had experience with home caregivers, and are they for the most part trustworthy, and provide a good service. Any help someone can give me would be greatly appreciated.


Littlehelper, if your mother is self-pay and has sufficient funds to pay you, she certainly can. I suggest a personal care contract spelling out the details, especially if there are siblings or others involved who might question what is happening to Mom's money.

If she is there on Medicaid, I doubt there are programs to pay you. The medicaid waiver program is intended to extend people's stay at home.

I agree with you that family can still provide care and have expenses when the loved one is in a care center. My 3 sisters and I visit Mom at least once a week each, and do little things for her. But we see residents who have no family and who go months between visitors. So Medicaid is correct. People in a nursing home can get by without outside help. The ones who have it, though, are the fortunate ones!