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How Can I Get Paid for Being a Family Caregiver?


This is for ksue5036 who wrote that her mom has 2 houses in her name, so she couldn't get Medicaid or any other help. I've been a real estate broker for over 32 years. I joined Aging Care to read about what others are doing with regard to caring for thier parents, so I can make some decisions about my own care as it becomes necessary. I am 74, and in relatively good health, and still working in real estate, mostly bcause it keeps my mind sharp and I can really help other people benefit from my experience. As for people who own homes, it is really important to approach the subject of passing title/ownership down to children before a crisis starts or before health starts a rapid decline, especially dementia or Altz. If the houses have no mortgage, they can be quit-claimed to the next of kin. The other option is to get a reverse mortgage on them, which would pay for long term care. You may still be able to do that. You could sell one house and keep the other for income.

I am my mom's caregiver. I had to file for an extension on tax filing because the only option seemed to be filing as small business and the taxes were way too high and I have no idea how to file. Made barely above poverty level income wise and they wanted over $1300 in federal tax !! thx for any wisdom.

My mom took a turn for the worse in her Dementia status and I had to place her in an assisted living facility. I had to handle all of her affairs and still do. I do all of her bills and paperwork for her prescriptions, healthcare and personal needs. Her affairs take up a large amount of my time. May I be compensated for my time?

We have mother, 93 with Alzheimer's, with us since 6-2006. My wife had to quit work in 2010 because she could not be left alone. I retired in 2012. Instead of getting paid, which could be questioned and she agreed, as well as my brother, who lives in WY, she would help with the bills, less than $1500 a month. This has worked out nicely and the money has lasted this long, and she still has some left, but would not have had she been placed in a nursing home. All her accounts and insurance payouts would have been long gone by now and chances are she would not still be here either. We have a signed statement, from my brother, that he is fine with this arrangement. We are honest people that have not spent a penny of hers if it was not for her, including vacations. We have taken 3, one week long vacations, since 2006 and a few 2 day getaways, leaving her with either family or respite care providers. We don't answer to anyone and all her Dr.s and medical professionals constantly commend us on her care. Her kidney's are starting to fail and she may not be with much longer, but we will all be here until the end. This arrangement may not work for everyone, but it has for us. God bless everyone, especially caretakers, and have a blessed day.

For whatever state you live in, google the Area Agency on Agency. They are helpful and can help apply for Medicaid LTC eligibility to see if you or your LO are eligible for the LTC program. If you or your LO is successful at getting into the Medicaid Long Term Care Program, you will be assigned a Case Manager who will go over the program (PDO) in which you can be hired and paid through the Consumer Direct State program to provide care the LO. This is all if your LO qualifies and is eligible for Medicaid Long Term Care.
IF NOT qualified, then seek an elder care attorney for other options.

It seems that to be paid- the elderly person receiving care has to be dirt poor to collect all sorts of benefits and payments and programs or very wealthy and pay for everything privately. In-between is where family caregivers end up out of luck. Contact elder law for ideas and your area agency for aging

For Florida, call the Area Agency on Aging (google it). The one for Tampa is called the Senior Connection Center (google it). They can help apply for Medicaid for the Long Term Care insurance plan. Or you can go directly to Medicaid to apply. Or you can hire an elder attorney to help get through all the paperwork.

Once your loved one gets Medicaid Long Term Care, then they need to select a health insurance provider by calling Choice Counseling -877-711-3662. Once your loved one is set up with the LTC, the Case Manager from that insurance company will set up an appointment to meet. Then based on what the needs of the loved one is, either the Case Manager (CM) can set up service with a contracted agency, OR, discuss with you the PDO (Participant Direction Option) program in which your loved one hires a worker, say you, and would need to also have in the plans for someone for a backup person. You have to go through a Level 2 background check and then you can be hired to provide the care. It is not a lot of money, but it is something, and the amounts are set by the State (Medicaid) itself. Again, for Florida, google Florida Medicaid Long Term Care program ..... there is a "Snapshot" , check that out. You can also check out the website ahca.myflorida.com. and find your way to the "Statewide Medicaid Managed Care" page, scroll down and there are a lot of PDF's to open, one with a map of the regions of Florida, one is a snapshot of LTC and another for MMA.

My mother is 85 and cannot live on her own. I moved into her home to care for her 24/7. I have heard that her personal health insurance will pay me to be a caregiver. Is this true and how do I apply for it?

If your loved one can qualify for the state medicaid long-term-care program, then they can receive personal care services, homemaking services and companion care services. If they qualify they select an insurance company provider and the services can be provided through their contracted agencies, or through an option in which family/friends (who qualify with background checks, etc.) can provide the care and be paid. It is not a lot. But it is something. They also can receive supplies like pull-ups or diapers, underpads, and the like.
Talk to the Area Agency on Aging for more information and other assistance.


I am living in my 70 year old mother's home to take care of her since she is forgetting things frequently and doesn't comprehend what the doctor's are telling her. She has no way of paying me. I am looking for financial assistance for myself.