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Depression Among Elderly People


It is very natural for older people to feel depressed and part of being human!! I do not think doctors understand this and too many old people are taking cocktails of drugs including antidepressants and tranquillisors. Too many drugs deplete the body of vitamins and also make old people loose their appetite and also become constipated. . Loneliness is a major cause of depression in old people and more needs to be done make old people feel like part of their community . Infact, laughter is the best medicine for most older people Not harsh drugs !

It is uncommon for one antidepressant medication to be effective while another has no effect on reducing depressant symptoms. For patients that have trouble with taking pills, anti-depressant medication can also be administered with a liquid form. If you are not seeing benefits within 30 days from the medicine your doctor prescribes demand that another is tried. Unfortunately, a number of trials and doses are required before the ideal effects are seen.

get a SALIVA hormone test and then you'll find out if there are any imbalances. blood test is not satisfactory. Different bodies have different hormone fluctuations. Asess that first before jumping on the pharmaceutical bandwagon.

i am the primary caregiver for an elderly relative who refuses to take the prozac his doctor prescribed. can i safely take the capsules apart (plastic capsules that come apart) and mix it in his coffee?

I am back... We had to get her off the Prestique because the insurance would not pay for it at the right dose, so she is now on Lexapro. She is still very depressed. She hates everyone and everything except the cat. (thank GOD for the Cat!) It is more than wearing on my Father and I.

For the past two and a half years my mom has been severely depressed. The past two years she has maybe left the house ten times at most. She refuses to take medication and the doctors can only prescribe medication if she comes into their office, which she will not do. On top of this I have known the my dad has been cheating on her for the past five years and has become an increasingly worse he used to be more sneaky.

Can depression cause violence in an older person with health issues against the care giver?

My mom is depressed and on Prestique. It is amazingly effective, a fact we know to be true by the effect of not taking it. There are many reasons not to take anti depressants, but in our case, none of them can counter the joy I get from having her enjoy this part of her life!


I am Kathy (39 years old) and the primary caregiver for my 81 year old Dad who has Alzheimer's disease and lives with me in North

I realized that my Dad had severe dementia after my Mom passed away in 2004, and he moved in with me.

We have a part time (private pay) CNA home health aide, who
stays with Dad while I work.

I have a full time job, a family of my own (including my love, David and his 14 year-old daughter, Jessica), am a volunteer for Meals-on-Wheels and the Lion's Club.

When Dad first came to live with us, I thought my life was over.
Then, I made a decision. We can let this ruin our lives, or we can

At our house, we use Razadyne, Namenda and laughter.

I am also writing a blog, it forces me to write down one funny thing about my life with Dad every single day. That is a very important part of making me a better caregiver.

I am committed to making sure my Dad will not suffer from
Alzheimer's. And hopefully, those of us who love him will not either.

Good Luck to all,


I know my mom has depression. And she knows it too. But she says she does not care. When I asked her neurologist about anti-depressants, the dr asked Mom what she wanted, and she said "No!" She has taken them in the past, but now says she is entitled to be depressed because she is nearly blind, hard of hearing, has memory problems and a wonky heart valve, and has to die soon. She refuses "any more pills." Meanwhile I am the one going nuts. I qualify for Medicare in three months and I think I should get the neurologist to prescribe for me!