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Understanding and Minimizing Sundowner's Syndrome


My Father is a Cancer survivor being fed by a stomach bypass tube, and has early signs of Dementia,walks only with walker, cannot bathe himself, has to wear pullups disposible,cannot eat through mouth

My 94 year old mother has been doing excellent mentally until about 6 months ago. She has insisted that she wants to be on her own. A couple of months ago she accused myself and my wife of taking things out of her yard and house. nothing was missing, but she insists. we are her only family caregivers. She lives 10 minutes up the road from us. We live in the country. She called us at 4.00am this morning (12-14/2017) and told me to get up there quick!! When I got there she met me at the door saying there had been someone in her house walking around all night long packing yarn, clothes and some of her dresses in plastic totes, even though her doors were locked and secured. I convinced her after checking all around that no had been in her house. She was convinced that there had been. I stayed with her until she accepted my conclusion. I think Sundowners Syndrome starts at dusk for some folks.
Thanks for listening!!!

My husband has ftld and i can't find a facility. He is still able to dress,eat,walk.Im having a problem with him bathing him.he is afraid. Any tips😩

My husband, a former surgeon has a rare disease that has been progressing over the last
8 years He is constantly reorganizing files and insisting that someone has moved everything It is heartbreaking to see this brilliant man slowly vanishing Although I have help 24/7 I am home almost every day 24/7. My doctors told me that I must forse myself to
Get out as i am suffering from burnout

My sister in law is extremely irritable in the morning. She curses and bangs cabinets breaking hinges. Should we ask Dr for anti depressant or something to calm her.

I am seeing up close and personal the effects of Sundowner Syndrone. Every afternoon about4 PM my wife starts asking if we are "going back" tomorrow. By this she means back to our home town in Virginia where we have not lived on more than 40 years. This leads to questions about "are my parents alive (answer no .... both been dead over 40 years." Who owns their house now ( I answer..I don't know ..which is true) and on and on.....

Patience is not a virtue of mine to start with so this is a painful process.

Thanks for reading .....

dad has light dementia,first stage dr.,said he did SO well,better than most and he is early 80s now.(Seeing the full effect of 1st stages i'd say since this year.) 2017
and he is doing well/so far thank God.

We keep him yep busy as it say!
Golfer for 50+yrs.easily could'ave went pro,but he wanted to be with us, the five kids more and my mother his soulmate, his bff,and life partner.
Both are still VERY healthy physically.

So,me and mom make sure(i am the youngest)born in 70s, we make sure that he is out still.I'm the only sibling who take him out at least if not each day,then "3 to four x week" so he is getting:
-fresh air,smiling while i drive,and talking about things of happy nature.

-He love to get out when he can,as he always love to prior January 2017
so i am trying to for almost a year now(visiting NC for almost a year now
and staying as long as it take to make sure dad is healing after his light stroke)and dr.discharge him from in-home therapy for the stroke months ago,doing so well)and the light onset of dementia,yes he is aware of such,but again,he seem so happy when we take him for drive and then he come home and he relax, take a nap (or 2 naps)and watch his golf channel,relax,and watch tv talk shows,game shows,laugh talk and we eat dinner,and he is happy. I hope it remain this way all of his 80s,as he deal with dementia,and we know about sundowner's syndrome.I print info out on this in Feb/March and so grateful for finding this site as well."

I'm struggling with that as well.. mom is the same way.

My Dad lives in a senior living facility and just the past month I have noticed my Dad starts to get confused around 5pm, so this article was helpful trying to understand what is going on.

Reading about Sundowner's is one thing, experiencing it with a parent is another. It has rattled me to the core. I know this how it is going to be with my Dad, who is 94, but witnessing it is so unnerving. I have to wrap my own brain around this and try to accept it. But part of me wants to fix it. What is sad is that Dad realizes something isn't quite right with his brain, he will say "I can't figure out which way is up".

Thank goodness where he lives, he can sign up for another level of care while still remaining in his independent living apartment.... I did view the assisted living studio apartments and was shocked how tiny they were, I mean mega tiny. At least in IL, Dad still has his home office, with a ton of books and his desk top computer... even though he rarely reads or uses his computer, the books are comforting to him.


I was wondering if this has anything to do with the body's natural Circadian rhythm, and if, as the body prepares itself for sleep, the change in brain/hormonal chemistry creates a change in behavior? I've noticed this when someone is ill with a cold for instance that it seems symptoms become more pronounced as the day starts to wind down. Thoughts or comments are welcome. I don't have proof to back up my theory, if it's considered a theory at all, just taking a biological/physiological guess.