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10 Government Programs You Can Access for Your Elderly Parents


I have been taking care of my mother for seven years. I need help financially. I cant work because i have no one to help me with her. And i cant get her what she needs because we only have her ssi and social security income to live on, the electric bill takes a big portion of that. Most days i dont have gloves , chucks, baby wipes, or face mask to prevent myself from getting sick. I would appreciate any help i can get. Thank you

I have not filed my 2016 taxes
I am having trouble concentrating and getting them done and am in such pain .
What can I do
I have filed an extention

Hello, my mother lives in South Carolina. She had a brain aneurysm 2 years ago. She had major surgery and was left in critical condition for several months. After she stabilized she was in a nursing home for a year and a half. She was paralyzed on her left side and blinded in her left eye. After a year and a half she came home and against all odds she started walking and becoming more and more lucid. She is now 67 years old and her income is $439 a month from Social Security. She still has major nerve damage in her legs and can not drive due to the blindness in her left eye so working is not an option even though she would love to get back to work. Does anyone have any advice on how to get her some more income? I live in peru and work with people with mental disorders and do not make any income. I am in the states visiting her for a few weeks trying to help her as much as i can before i go back to peru so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you -Adam

Wondering if there are any resources out there that would cover a walkin shower for my elderly aunt and uncle. My aunt has cancer and my uncle has copd. He also has neuropathy in his feet so my aunt cant trim his toenails because of the lack of feeling.

I was told today that medicare is not covering dementia any longer. This was shared at my mom care meeting today

my wife has two parents. Mom is 85 with dementia. Dad is 90 and bed ridden.
Question: If I bring them in my home, am I considered a family member and do my income and resources go into the income equation?

Don't forget Hospice programs!!! If your elderly parent has an incurable illness (like dementia), they may qualify for hospice care, especially when there is observable decline. Hospice can offer so much support and resources WAY before the person is actually at "death's door". They offer help in the way of respite care, social workers to help determine care needs and provide support, aides to come in and help with personal hygiene, volunteers to spend time/do activities, nurses that come in weekly or bi-weekly to check on and help with care, and even Chaplains that come to offer spiritual support for the parent and/or family on a regular basis. We are so thankful for this help with my mom who has dementia! They also pay for her medications and provide other supplies free of charge, like pull-ups (for incontinence), personal hygiene products, etc. As Hospice workers will tell you...everyone waits way too long before they get Hospice involved, so I urge you to check into this invaluable resource!

I am turning 60 this year and moving from Pa to NY, leaving my job and health insurance in Pa to take care of my 87 year old mom . She is not totally disabled but has fallen a few times and has difficulty getting around. I am interested in any information that would help in this transition. Thanks

Where do I get help to care for my 84 year old father who is a fall risk, he is living in family home.


looking for a medical directive for my mother to fill out (FREE) a website or office where I can get one for her