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Dangerous Drug Interactions: Medicines at War Within the Body


This concern is about me I'm loosing my miND I'm taking too much and I'm so scared and am never happy anymore

Does anyone have any experience with Zyprexa being used to treat elderly dementia patients? My mom of 90 years was one of those rare seniors who was on no medication whatsoever. She was physically healthy. I placed her in a short-term "geri-psych" unit due to dementia related issues. She was there 22 days and set to be released when she suddenly became ill overnight. She died a week ago today. Her symptoms all point directly to Zyprexa, which is not FDA approved for use with elderly dementia patients - in fact there were warnings issued against its use with the elderly.

Ask the pharmacist for a quarterly review of medications, they are trained and qualified to advise and have all medications on file. Ask for recommendations on whether to continue certain medications and for any contraindications that could be risky. They can also suggest different dosages/medications in lieu of current meds that may treat certain illnesses more effective or at a reduced cost. Seniors typically continue to use the same pharmacy and most have at least a friendly, long known pharmacist that would be more than willing to help. Most pharmaceutical software checks for such recommendations on an on going basis, so take advantage of it and 99% of the time, there isn't a charge, its the law and their responsibility.

Sue Brophy

Very good advice, indeed, except that MIL doesn't listen. MIL KNOWS EVERYTHING so she self-medicates and plays doctor with her husband's meds as well. So, this is great advice IF and only IF elders are willing to listen and take advice from 'just the kids' (read, what the heck do we know?)

a very helpful tool is using the mednotes medication tool. Every time they add another drug to my dad I can add it to his profile on mednotes and it gives drug interactions with his current prescriptions and with his conditions.

It saved him a few times from taking things one doctor prescribed that would make his glaucoma worse. His IOP was so bad and then the ENT doctor prescribed something for allergies that would have been very dangerous to me dads already bad eyesight. My dad has 20 different prescriptions and other things given to him each day and I have found this service a life saver and so much information.

Hi Joyce,

My mom is on the generic for Lexapro (Celexa ?) but she only takes half. The whole one put her right out. She is much less anxious, nervous, fidgity, & depressed since she's been on it about 2 years now. She's quite the sleeper now, but not sure whether it's a combination of her meds, or a symptom of dementia. She's 88. Hope this helps.



Can anyone tell me anything of their experiences using Lexapro and Clonipin to treat anxiety and depression in a dementia patient?