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The Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease


Why does my mom stand there and just stare at you. And paces back and forth.

I take care of my mom, 87, diagnosed with dementia about 6 years ago. She has caretaker during day, my husband and I do the other times, I come home from working and get her dinner and meds for her. I don't know what stage she is, but she cannot fix her meals, take a bath, she has incontinence bad. She can't remember if her mother or siblings are alive. She can't remember what she ate five min ago. she watches the same show over and over and can't keep her attention to reading or watching much tv. She forgot the name of her one sibling who is alive (just yesterday). She misplaces her rings, phone everyday, etc. Over and over! She cannot carry on a conversation b/c she trails off into another subject, tells the same story over and over. It is becoming very difficult but I feel so bad for her. I don't know when it will be time to put her in a nursing home, I just can't seem to do it while she knows who we are. I have a sister who lives five min away, but is of no help. She wanted me to put her in a nursing home years and years ago. In fact, we don't even speak anymore b/c of this. I feel bad for everybody going thru this.

My mom has been diagnosed with dementia for the past six years or so. She is now to the point of forgetting if her mother is alive, or her siblings, etc. She forgot her great grandson recently, and she can never remember what she ate for lunch, if she had a bath and doesn't seem to grasp anything you tell her. She misplaces things constantly, we look for the same things over and over every day. It gets frustrating but you realize she cannot help it. The hardest part is being tied down, not being able to go on the weekends because she can't be left alone. She is 87 years old but still walks, feeds herself, although she can't fix her meals or a bath, etc. It is very hard to make a decision to put them in a nursing home when they still know who you are and can still talk, etc.

PennyThaGr8, your mother has dementia, right? You may never get her to understand your needs. She doesn't even understand things that she used to know well. This is all new territory. She's never needed a caregiver before!

The thing is, your mother doesn't need to "understand" this for you to take action. You need some time to yourself. Just do it. Don't wait for a person with dementia to understand something -- at any stage.

How do I get my Mother to understand that I need a break. I am tired, she wants me right with her, all the time. 24/7 I don't want to feel like a awful person. I just feel like I need to get away. And can anyone tell me why My Mother thinks that she has all the money in the world. And continues to call me a liar. About her money. I tell her that I give her $100 in cash a month. I even show it to her, and she says I just put it there. To make her look bad. WTH

It is hard to manage a person (spouse) with Alzheimer that is always been abusive and controlling , I have stopped being ashamed , reaching out for help has been the right thing to do, do not suffer in along, I am going to enjoy my life I have not grand children but I do have a grand dog , get love where you can..caregivers need love too..

“I knew an aged man (a friend’s father) who had Alzheimer’s disease. During the advanced stages, I noticed that the senior started to shadow his caregiver and followed him everywhere. At first, I couldn’t understand what was happening, but then I read up on cognitive decline and its severity. Thanks for sharing this article, Carol. It’s really helpful!”

As if it could not get worse my husband is maybe stage 6.Now I am told he has
severe aortia stenosis. The heart doctors say there is nothing they can do for him. I have an appointment with his primary dr. tomorrow to get started with hospice.I have lots of questions ...I really need help! we have been married for 59 years.

Up until the last few days, dad has been pretty even tempered. Always knows me and this past Monday his former secretary went to the NH to see him. He knew her! He never asked how she was, etc. Once he said hello, he said no more. Today I went to see him. He was visibly agitated. Actually hollered at me. I had a nurse ask him a question and he wasn't really pleasant to him either. I know he's in end stage, so changes are to be expected. I did learn that they believe he has Sundowners and appears fearful, so they sit with him to try and reassure him. I also discovered that the doctor has decreased his medication at night. He has to be tapered down. Wondering if it's the Dementia or medication that is causing the agitation. Anyone else experience this at end stage? His appetite is also diminishing. Just wondering what to expect.


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