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When Is It Time to Call Hospice?


My brother was put in hospice. his son said that two doctors had gotten together and suggested it was time for him to go to hospice, but come to find out it wasn't a doctor it was a nurse practitioner can they make that decision?

GA Hospice has been a lifesaver for me. Helping my Husband with great care and treatment during his illness.

Thank you BritChris. I feel that I let my father down. I let those vultures of that death-driven hospice suck me into their deceptive hospice residence. The nurse said my father was in pain and moaning. Looking back I see that he knew he was being drugged. A healthy person would have died in 10 days if they were sedated and not able to drink or eat. This is very disturbing that this happened to my father. This happens a lot in the USA. I regret the day that I called this hospice. I wish I could have seen clearly what they were doing to my father and been able to get him out of there and treated with appropriate healthcare. Healthcare that is pro-life, respectful and dignified. I am so sorry Dad. I miss and love you!

I am so sorry for your loss. I can understand your bitterness towards hospice. The one I use provides only home care and I control the meds. That perhaps makes a difference. Too, I got into the program very early when my husband was still ambulatory but limited. Again, I am sorry at the way things turned out for you.

I guess I cannot get past how my father and his two daughters were treated by a hospice with a residence. He was taken straight to the residence, we thought the nurse was knowledgeable and that he would be taken care of and leave for home on Sunday. He was admitted on a Friday. No, they did not tell him or his daughters that they were planning for his death and proceeded to drug him to death. He died Sunday night, 9 days later. They lied to us the whole time. He should never have been admitted. He should have gone to acute care hospital. He had heart disease. Please protect your elders! Don't have the regret that I did not do right by my father. The hospice did what they wanted. Their philosophy was pure death. No celebrate life as they advertise.

Can a person be under hospice and not be dying? Yes - sort of. There are two levels of hospice care. One is end of life care that is for six months but can be extended. That is when death is imminent. As I posted earlier, my husband has already been under it for five months. He may well meet the six month "deadline" but not necessarily. All hospice has to prove to satisfy Medicare is that he is still under decline.
When we applied to hospice we expected him to be under palliative care which is a three year program which offers less assistance but does send a RN once a week and a bath aide (not sure how often). My husband has had chronic pain almost all his life and his tolerance for opioids was significant and hospice felt it could be managed better under their end of life program. Let hospice make their decision based on your needs. It is only a title. They are not going to toss my husband to the wolves if he is still alive after six months.
It has been mentioned previously but it is important enough to say again. Go with a not for profit hospice and you will be able to trust them. Our hospice has been super, generous with their supplies and time. They are available 24 hours a day and I've had to call them at unusual times.
Good luck in your decision. It is tough going with hospice but it really is not as final as people imagine. Two of my caregivers were upset when I chose hospice because they expected him to die immediately. Nothing is further from the truth. Hospice makes sure my husband's pain is controlled but they do not force me to keep him doped up, etc. My caregivers have totally changed their attitude as they have witnessed caring and professional attitudes from the hospice staff.

I'm sorry but can a person be on Hospice & not be dying? ?????? Just needs more assistance???

My husband, with PD and Lewy Body Dementia, has been under hospice for five months. He is now bed-ridden but is still holding his own. The decision to go under hospice care came when I took him to see his cardiologist. It took me 3 1/2 hours to get him there as he changed clothes four times and had to walk around the house and see how they felt. When I told the cardiologist that I saw no point in seeing her again as we would not pursue surgery even if it were needed. At that point she suggested hospice and she said she welcomed the opportunity to do that as it is not an option given to physicians as much as it should be. I have been very pleased with the care my husband has received. The staff has worked with me to control his pain. It was a little bit frightening at first as you have to basically sign away your own physicians and rely on hospice. A physician is assigned to us but we have never met him. We deal with a RN case manager who prescribes the meds we need. Narcotics are recommended and prescribed through the physician. We have had no problem getting all the medicine my husband needs. I feel like we joined hospice at the right time and even if he lives beyond six months hospice will be there for us as my husband continues to decline.

The Connecticut Hospice of Branford CT was the first hospice in the USA. They are a non-profit and so are very diligent and not money grubbing jerks. They were wonderful, providing staff and equipment quickly and compassionately. They have a wellness program for patients and caregivers. My mother had advanced Alzheimers and I was keeping her home. I could go on with detsils, but I need to get going. If anyone wants to know how good hospice functions, theses guys are it.


Please protect your elders from rogue hospice agencies. They are out there. Look at the original definition of hospice. Don't let the representatives fill you with confusion. Hospice diagnosis. What is and is not covered. Grabbing your family member and making them inpatient right away! Only to find out the next day they are in a drug coma! Tons of this is happening in USA! Please understand that hospice in the USA is not pro-life and does not celebrate life. Stay within the health care system. Say No to hospice!