Can my parent be asked to leave assisted living because of bad behavior?


Q:Can my parent be asked to leave assisted living due to bad behavior, such as aggression and screaming at staff and other patients?

A: Yes, your mother can be asked to leave an assisted living due to behaviors. If the assisted living thinks the behaviors are out of their scope to handle or if they think the behaviors could cause harm to self, residents or staff they could give you notice that they can not meet your mother's needs any longer. You may want to research and visit specialty assisted living facilities that specialize in dementia type care.

These facilities are sometimes better equipped to manage the behaviors associated with Alzheimer's and dementia, including aggression, anger, anxiety and wandering.

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Deanna Lueckenotte is the author of "Alzheimer's Days Gone By: For Those Caring for Their Loved Ones." She plans to continue publishing books related to Alzheimer's and caregivers. She would also like to continue her education by obtaining her doctorate in geriatrics.

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This is why my mother lives in her own home at the age of 92. I can't even consider assisted living for her because she behaves so badly. I don't want her hurt or abused, but she can really hand it out the abuse to other people. The best place for her is where she is isolated (and unfortunately lonely). And most assuredly I don't want her living with me.

Some of these old folks just have to live out their lives with the situation that they have made for themselves. Sorry, but that's life.
My husband who has had 4-strokes, is in nursing home #7. I have had to combat the nursing homes because of his bad behavior, but none of the "specialty" nursing homes will take him. He can not sit, or stand, is mostly bedridden except to smoke. I don't know what to do if he gets kicked out of this one. I am at my witts end., He can not come home, he needs physical care of everything, He weighs over 250lbs. I can not lift him at all. He is on disability but not enough to qualify for specialty treatment at home.
Yes, she can be asked to leave, especially if her behavior causes harm to anyone, including herself. We chose an AL for my MIL that was also associated with a skilled nursing care facility because we knew that she might not be able to stay at AL for too long. We had hoped she would stay for 6mos-yr, but they actually moved her after 6 weeks. She had a lot of negative behaviors and refused to let the staff help her, even though she had difficulty caring for herself. We still felt that choosing an AL was our best option, because she was resistant to moving at all.