What are the treatments for depression in seniors?


Q: What are the treatments for depression in elderly seniors?

A: Older medications for depression also work very well for some people. Often, a combination of talk therapy and medication is a good solution to the problem, with a 80% success rate in older adults.

Dr. Mikol Davis is a psychologist specializing in aging issues. He is the author of "Rainbows of Life" and founder of the Aging Parents website. Read his full biography

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You say this "sedated" kind of life doesn't seem to have a "very good" quality to you. And you are right in that it isn't what anyone would choose for a loved one. However, it sounds to me, like it might be an all right choice for someone whose only other choice is uncoltrolable anger. Feeling helpless is going to be a part of your lifestyle from now own. I won't say get used to it. I never did. But I did learn to live with it. Are you part of a support group yet? This can be a big help -- bigger if it meets locally so you can talk to people face to face. My worst moments came when I felt all alone with this problem. My family and friends wanted to help, but didn't know how. It was my support group that got me through. It sounds like you're making all the right choices. Remember to take care of yourself and not allow your Dad's problems to become the center of your own life. He's important. But so are you. Keep up the search for newer drugs and newer techniques. But don't allow that search to define your own success or failure as a person.