How do doctors test for glaucoma?


Q: I've heard there are new tests to check for glaucoma. What are they?

A: Glaucoma is now more reliably diagnosed and tracked for progression using technologically advanced tools such as laser scanners and digital photography.

Recent advances in glaucoma pharmaceuticals control glaucoma eye pressure much more effectively for a broader number of patients. For those who progress, more laser and surgical methods, and drains and tubes give the ophthalmologist and glaucoma specialist whole armamentarium to combat blindness.

Ophthalmology has never had a better chance to maintain or improve vision. It is mandatory that seniors who have the highest incidents of the leading visual disorders be evaluated and have their visual complaints taken seriously. It has never been truer that regular ophthalmic evaluation prevents blindness. We hope to let these seniors continue to see and enjoy their golden years.

Dr. James Maisel, M.D., has practiced as a retina specialist for over 20 years.

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I am 40 year old Indian .I was diagonised with High Intra ocular pressure.OCT was found normal with ,low average thickness. Visual fields were said to be within limits. doctors are differing on whether I have Glaucoma.I am taking eye drop XALATAN (LATANOPROST) every night.
Which is conclusive test for Glaucoma ?any thing called GDX?Any good hospital in Spain (Madrid or seville)?
I was wondering why my cyst comes back at the same place, on my right thigh area?
Irshadbharti, Here is some information from the Glaucoma Research Foundation and National Eye Institute on the most common and effective tests for detecting Glaucoma -- including the newer procedure, GDX you mentioned.