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Getting Started

Q: I'm new here, how can I use
A: AgingCare was made especially for caregivers like you. Our community provides caregivers a way to discuss and work through the unique issues involved with elder care. You can ask for advice from other caregivers, lend your caregiving support to others with aging parents and post comments on stories. AgingCare is the place where you will know you aren't alone. To get started:

  • Sign Up to be a member or login with your username and password
  • Set up your profile so other caregivers can get to know you
  • Ask a question about caregiving or join a discussion in The Community
  • Share your favorite quote, funny story or inspiration in the Breath of Fresh Air board
  • Give a hug to another caregiver and let them know they are doing a great job
  • Send a Care Report to tell your family how your elderly loved one is doing.
Q: What is My Profile?
A: Your profile is your own personal page on AgingCare. Here are some of the things you can do on your profile:
  • Tell your caregiver story, share who you're caring for and post a picture.
  • Let other caregivers know what's on your mind today by posting a short update on your wall.
  • Click the activity tab in your profile to view the latest things you've done on AgingCare. This is an easy way to get back to a question you've just posted or re-visit a member's wall that you just wrote on.
  • View your Notifications tab, to see who has recently written on your wall, answered your question, given you a hug, given you a comment star, or commented on something you've asked to receive notifications for.
  • Go to your Favorites, to easily see all of your favorite members, articles, questions and community discussions.
  • View your Location tab, where you can find local home care providers and members near you.
  • Go to your More tab, to set up a Care guide or send a care report.

Community Message Boards

Q: How do I ask a question?
A: You can ask a question by visiting the community home page and typing your question in the "Ask a Question" box.

Q: How do I start a new discussion?
A: You can start a new discussion by visiting the community home page and clicking on the "Start a Discussion" tab, located beside "Ask a Question" at the top of the page.

Q: How do I see answers to my question or replies to my discussion?
A: Visit the Notifications tab in your Profile or check your email for notifications.

Q: What types of things can and can't I talk about in the community?
A: Keep your comments and posts to matters that concern caregiving. Don't discuss controversial topics – such as religion or politics – that might anger other caregivers. Don't use personal attacks, profanity, threats or offensive language. Keep it friendly!

Also, do not promote your business, website, email address or other contact information. Posts that include self promotions will be removed.

Q: I posted something and now I can't find it, what happened?
A: To keep the community organized and easy for members to use, the staff reviews everything that is posted in the community. Something that is deemed inappropriate will be removed. You can always check your profile under Recent Activity. There, you will see discussions you have started, questions you've asked and discussions you are participating in.

Q: Can I share my email, name, phone number or other personal information?
A: For your personal safety sharing your email address, phone number, address, or full name is prohibited in the community. Our staff has to remove any personal information that has been shared.

Q: What should I do when I see an inappropriate comment or spam in the community?
A: If you feel that a discussion or a member is offensive or breaks any rules, please use the "Flag as Inappropriate" link and our editors will review it.

Community Fun

Q: What is a Wall?
A: Each member has his or her own Wall, where others can post messages, comments or insights specifically to that person. Posts made on your Wall are directed to you, rather than a group of caregivers. Each member's wall is visible to anyone viewing their Profile. You can view your own wall from your Profile's main page.

Q: What does Wall-to-Wall mean?
A: Wall-to-Wall allows you to see the history of Wall posts between two members. If you are reading another member's wall, and want to see what communication they've had with a particular member, click the Wall-to-Wall link.

Q: How do I give another caregiver a Hug?
A: Sending a caregiver a Hug is a great way to appreciate another caregiver for something they've done, or to support them when they're having a bad day. Send a hug to members from their Profile, or by clicking the link under their Member Name on comments, questions or discussions they're participating in. You can even send a hug to a friend who isn't a member by just typing in their email address.

Q: What is a Star and how do I use it?
A: A Star is a way that you can say a caregiver's post was helpful. To give a Star, click the link at the end of the post that says, "This was Helpful. Give it a Star!" You can view how many Stars you have received on comments you've made and answers you've provided, by looking at the top of your Profile page.

Q: What is a Breath of Fresh Air?
A: A Breath of Fresh Air is a short funny story, inspiration or quote from caregivers in the community. It's a way for caregivers to share their happiest moments and words of encouragement with others. You can share yours or see recent stories from caregivers on the Breath of Fresh Air page.

Q: What are AgingCare Caregiver Badges?
A: To encourage participation in the community, AgingCare has created a points and levels system. The number of points that you will receive depends on the actions that you take. The more actions you take, the more points you will receive. We've assigned fun badges to show others what level you are on and how active and helpful you are in the community. You can always see your badge level on your profile. Based on your contributions you could be a:

Here is how you get points for your actions on the site:

Q: How can I save members, articles, discussions or questions to my favorites?
A: Simply click the "Add to Favorites" link on a member's Name under their photo at the top right of a discussion, question or article. This is an easy way to get to your favorite discussion or member's profile fast! To see all of your favorites, click the Favorites tab in your profile.


Q: What are notifications?
A: You will receive a notification when:
  • A member of AgingCare writes on your wall.
  • Someone answers your question.
  • Someone comments on a discussion, article or question that you have asked to receive notifications about.
  • You receive hug from another member.
Q: How do I receive notifications in my email once a day only?
A: You can receive your notifications all at once in a daily digest by visiting the Account Settings page in your Profile and using the drop downs to indicate you would like to receive your notifications once daily. At any time you can change the setting back, and receive notifications instantly in your email inbox.

Q: How do I stop receiving notifications?
A: To stop receiving notifications on a particular discussion or question, click the link in your email notification for that discussion or question that says "Unsubscribe to this question or discussion."

To stop receiving all email notifications, visit your Account Settings page and indicate with the drop downs that you do not want to be notified. Unless you unsubscribe to notifications through email, they will always display on your AgingCare Profile notifications tab.

Q: What is a Care Guide?
A: AgingCare creates a Care Guide personally for you, based on the information that you provide to us about your caregiving experience. It's a collection of helpful articles relevant to your caregiving situation. Visit the More tab in your Profile to create a Care Guide.

Q: What is a Care Report?
A: A Care Report is similar to a report card. You create it to quickly and easily communicate your parent's condition to family and friends. You rate your parent's state in areas such as mood, eating, sleeping, mobility, etc. Then, you choose the family members or friends whom you want to receive the Care Report via email. The email is instantly sent to everyone on your list. You can send a new, updated report as often as you like. It's a great way to keep others "in the loop" on your loved one -- and another tool to help make your busy life as a caregiver a little easier. Visit the More tab in your Profile to create a Care Report.

Accounts & Privacy

Q: How can I change my Username, Email Address, or Password?
A: Visit the Account Settings page from your Profile.

Q: How can I change what information is shared with other caregivers?
A: Go to the Account Settings page from your Profile to change your privacy settings for sharing your gender, age, location and activity with other members. Keep in mind if you choose not to share your location, we will be unable to match you with other caregivers in your area.

Q: How can I make sure that I am safe while I am using
A: We will never share any of your personal information with other members or third parties. To protect yourself, never share personal information – email address, phone number, etc. on the Message Boards – or ask others for theirs. Email addresses, phone numbers or other personal information will be removed by the AgingCare editorial staff.

General Questions

Q: Do I have to pay to use
A. No, all of AgingCare's services are free. We are able to provide you with a place to get assistance with caregiving for free, by support from our Advertisers.

Q: I have a great idea (or complaint) that I want to share with the makers of How do I tell you?
A: We're always open to hear your feedback on how we can improve our community. If you have any feedback, an idea or a complaint, don't hesitate to Submit your feedback.

Your opinions and participation will really make a difference.

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