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Unexpected moments are common in caregiving, whether humorous, inspiring or embarrassing they happen to all caregivers. Caregiver Stories is a place to share your stories and read other caregivers’ stories.

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Feb 16, 2015

     Mom was next to the baby in a family of 10. She must have got attention from being sick or Pity Parties. Her facial expression is usually sad with eyebrows pointed upward. We were talking on phone with my husband ( they adore each other).i told him about her eye brows. He said ( on speaker phone.Well get some eye brow pencile and draw them on happier.


Feb 15, 2015

     Mine's just too long to get into here. Suffice to say my mother's 93 & her always negative personality traits are no longer in check. I'm unappreciated, abused, criticized & crapped on. I'm it. No one else. I'm 2 hours away & get 5-10 phone calls a day with demands & take care of everything. I'm sick & tired of website advice to be patient, take a walk etc. Nothing works because it's relentless.


Feb 14, 2015

     Mom is 83, diabetic, depends, walker etc. Dad is 84, mild to moderate dementia but still driving. (For now) I am 60' last living child and 600 miles away. I have been making regular trips and caregiving for weeks at a time. I just retired so I am able to deal with all the issues and needs from home. Thank god my parents gave me a very broad POA a few years ago. It would be impossible now .


Feb 12, 2015

     Mama used the last of the toothpicks when she was here before. After lunch Tuesday, she did not ask for one as she usually does. Somewhere deep within her dementia, she remembered we were out of toothpicks. Just before bed last night, she told me to have someone buy some today. It was another one of those strange moments with Mama’s dementia. She has perfect teeth, all her own.


Feb 8, 2015

     My oldest sister hasn't seen mom in 2 years, even though she lives less than an hour away. We stopped by to saw hi while passing through her town. She knew our sister, mom's POA, wouldn't pay for things mom needed. She said she'd love to help, but that she forgot her checkbook. I laughed and said no, you forgot that you were at home. She's a famous celebrity, so she can get away with it, I guess.


Feb 7, 2015

     At about 12:30 am one night mother came out of her room into the kitchen where my wife was sitting reading and sipping her tea. "Mother, what are you doing up?" "You told me to get and feed Ginger," our dog. "Mother, she was fed hrs ago, I never called you." She has not fed animals in over 5 yrs and we were amazed she remembered Ginger's name. Yes she hears voices. Another amusing moment.


Feb 6, 2015

     From denial to resentment to mourning to acceptance -- within the scope of a week, my mother over the past couple of weeks has evolved tremendously in how she is dealing with my dad's dementia. When she first began to realize that a move to ALF was imminent, she fought it, and hard. Then she got angry. Then she cried, for days. Today, for the first time, she actually shared her fears about my dad.


Feb 2, 2015

     My mom's dementia has been has been predominately caring, arising from her concern for us. She gave my sister and me fictional husbands, and said, "Did I miss your wedding? Oh well, at least you have someone to help you and take care of you..." and sighed with contentment.


Jan 31, 2015

     We can't do it alone, no matter how strong we think we might be, and admitting that is the first step toward being a successful caregiver.


Jan 30, 2015

     Some family members are just greedy or thoughtless or selfish or self-involved or just lazy. Those of us who have been "trained" to be the responsible member of the family do all of the hard work. Nothing is expected from them, so they give nothing in return. Those of us who are "chosen" aren't being chosen because we're prettier or smarter or stronger. We get "chosen" because we care more.

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