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Unexpected moments are common in caregiving, whether humorous, inspiring or embarrassing they happen to all caregivers. Caregiver Stories is a place to share your stories and read other caregivers’ stories.

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32 hrs ago

     I care for a lady that had dementia, lover her day (she has a bird) the poor thing was sitting on the bottom of the cage and making sounds like he was very sick, thought the poor thing was dying...well, turns out He was a She and laid an egg!! My carereceiver said "I don't think I can stand to see him suffer so much I just wish she would go back to being a He.!!!


6 days ago

     My BIL was singing hymns to Mom her favorite being he touched me. When my oldest sister walked in to the room Mom pointed at him and said he touched me. He said I did not. She slapped his arm and said what is wrong with you. We all laughed and loved it because Mom has a brain injury and usually can't put more than 2 or 3 words together!


Apr 4, 2014

     400 characters is NOT enough for me to tell you the story of the clogged toilet, plumbers' snake, and the fork. Trust me - it was hilarious. And now my client and I are even more closely bonded.


Mar 25, 2014

     Several men at the ALF think mom is attractive, even at age 86. She claims she is not interested in them saying "All they want is a Nurse with a purse." LOL


Mar 16, 2014

     My clients hired me after an agency caregiver broke their cooktop and vacuum on the same day. I've been with them since August. Yesterday my hubby came to install their new cooktop, and found the existing one was simply unplugged, so the gas igniter wasn't working. Plugged it in and - presto! Fixed. They think he's a miracle worker. We all had tea and cookies. It's the little things!


Mar 15, 2014

     As an Activity Organizer in a Dementia Care Home, I have had to find activities that each resident could relate to. YouTube has been of immense help with music and video clips relating to the activities I plan. Google Street View maps made it possible to take a walk down memory lane! (Remember you can plug your pc into the TV for viewing.) Photo's are turned into great personalized puzzles!


Mar 11, 2014

     I love my former mother-in-law dearly. She told me recently of her boredom and seemed lonely. We are getting together this week so that I can make copies of some of her recipes and just visit for awhile. One of her children told me she is already collecting the recipes for me and seems excited about my visit. Since my own mother passed recently, ours is a wonderful relationship for both of us!


Feb 28, 2014

     My mother-in-law had many serious health conditions. But like the EnergizerBunny, she just kept "going and going and going." I attribute this to her goal setting, the major one being to see her last grandchild graduate from college. This, too, became my goal as her primary caregiver. It required doctor OK's, special 02, and overcoming family dissention, but we did it! She had a great time.


Feb 26, 2014

     I am so blessed to have my mother Ann still around. Her goal is to see her grandson ordained a deacon and 1 year later a Catholic priest. My mother is a fighter and I do believe she will make it to that time and to see him achieve his goal. Faith and love will get her through and all of us caregivers through the rough times. Everyday I have with her I am truly blessed!


Feb 20, 2014

     Hi all I just wanted to check in and hope that all is well for you. I also want to share something thing that mom does:. When she is watching tv and when she hears a phone ring (on tv) she thinks thats our phone and she will answer it and say the person did not say anything ....I tell her thats on tv she does not believe me. She tells me to check the phone (Caller Id) and call them back thats cute

Ashburn, VA

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