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Unexpected moments are common in caregiving, whether humorous, inspiring or embarrassing they happen to all caregivers. Caregiver Stories is a place to share your stories and read other caregivers’ stories.

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4 days ago

     Big to-do this wk end for Mom's 93rd birthday. She got to meet her 3 mon. old twin great grand daughters but complained her husband didn't make the celebration. Dad's been gone for 20+yrs. When asked how old she was she replied she wasn't sure but it was way over 100!


Apr 25, 2015

     In Sept '10, a month before passing my 82 yr old Dad was receiving in-home hospice care. One day I brought him a plastic cup of water and he got angry with me. He said he wanted a REAL glass of water. So I returned with a 16 oz GLASS filled with water. He said, "That's more like it!" I guess he was insulted that I brought him a plastic cup. I used a glass until the end.


Apr 25, 2015

     Last month my 87 yr old Mom was hospitalized for a week. Two days after, she became paranoid & untrusting, asking to call the police to get people out of her house. (She was still in the hospital). She gets like this only when in the hospital. After a day or two, she returns to normal. Can't figure out why. I was told it's decreased number of neurons in brain function. Anyone have info on this?


Apr 21, 2015

     Mother has had several nights in the last six weeks when we (nurse/hospice too) thought it was the end. Then she'd sit up in the morning and say, "what's for breakfast? Hurry up, I'm Hungry!" I felt like I was seeing Lazarus get up! She saw her husband and two grandmothers (that she is named for), and told us, "they've been waiting and waiting for me. I'll be going with them soon."


Apr 20, 2015

     My hubby and I got such a chuckle over the baked potato story!


Apr 20, 2015

     Funny, funny, funny! Thank you for sharing - I needed this.


Apr 19, 2015

     It was Moms b-day so I brought dinner over for everyone in her small home. My daughter helped dish out the food. Mom has ALZ, and really doesnt know. I said Happy b-day mom, and daughter went to take a pic. Mom stared straight out and did this loud Belch. Daughter just laughed,,,not expecting that at all. Welcome to geriatrics, dear....Daughter is a great sort when she comes with me to visit


Apr 19, 2015

     Mom says "YOU STOLE MY PILLS! (blood pressure pills)I'm calling the police!" She goes to grab the cordless phone off the counter but pauses...I can tell she is not sure which object is the phone. She picks up the baking potato instead. haha..I'm thinking "please dial...please dial the potato...I know I'm going to hell for this but I gotta see if she dials the potato!"


Apr 17, 2015

     My 90 year old mom said to me the other morning that she had a really hard time taking something? Further probing I figured out that in the middle of the night, she got up and took a polident tablet! She told me how horrible it tasted and she could hardly swallow it. Oh well, now I have to hide the polident too!!!!


Mar 29, 2015

     My mother is constantly going in the refrigerator ......five times in a half hour and I ask her what she is looking for and she says she is just looking! I make her great food and she will only eat potato chips, pickels, and bolognie. I took the pop away from her months ago. A friend said dont stop her let her eat the stuff.I can't lock the fridge but it sure gets on my nerves. Any advice?

Ashburn, VA

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