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Unexpected moments are common in caregiving, whether humorous, inspiring or embarrassing they happen to all caregivers. Caregiver Stories is a place to share your stories and read other caregivers’ stories.

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Dec 8, 2014

     My mother has been given a one day a week schedule for me to take her out to do her errands, go to the hair salon, and go out for lunch. One day ever week to 10 days. She's done well... for two weeks! Today I got an URGENT call that I have to take her to the bank. I can do her banking online.. but I guess she's bored. I'm sticking to my guns. We have a schedule now. See you on Friday, Mom.


Oct 5, 2014

     A few months ago I asked how to take car keys from a person who gets angry at the very idea. Someone suggested an outside evaluation so the key removal would not come from me. My Dr. suggested "Driving Solutions." The evaluation revealed he should not be driving. Evaluator explained to him the test results and why he should not drive. He accepted this. No stress. We praised him. Thank you!


Sep 21, 2014

     I'm not a care giver for this man. I'm his HCPOA and POA. He is so darned cheap, he buys his milk by the gallon and freezes it because it's cheaper. Won't get a Life Alert because it costs money. He's worth over $1 million. Since I will be arranging his funeral, I'm tucking a check in his casket for the balance in his accounts. He wants to take it with him. Giving him his wish.


Sep 18, 2014

     Mom wants her funeral to have everything done exactly the way she would do them. So we plan to have her arrive an hour late and we are serving leftovers.


Sep 13, 2014

     My 88 year old father has been living with me for about 2 years now.. He is a very sweet Man and I love him very much. I'm thankful I have this opportunity to help and care for him. it has its challenges, but I feel blessed. He loves to talk and tell his stories. he sure has some good ones. I hope and pray that he is with us for a long time. its also been great for my girls, his 2 Granddaughters.


Aug 31, 2014

     I live with my father who has Dementia and my brother helps me care for him. Some nights I can't sleep from all the worrying. Right now I am supposed to be on a break for a week and I can't stop thinking about how he is doing. When we had a caregiver come in and take him out for a few hours we waited impatiently, like new parents. I want to take a break, but I want to be with him too. It's hard!


Aug 29, 2014

     When my Dad has his dinner, we give him a paper napkin to wipe his mouth and there are tissues close by for his nose. He seems to get confused sometimes and wipes his nose instead of his mouth. After his meal he will take the used napkins with him to the living room. He stacks them neatly on the the table beside his chair. We take the dirty one away when he isn't looking.


Aug 29, 2014

     After my Dad had his Stroke he looked at me one day and asked me "Are you in Charge", and I looked around and said "Yep sorry about that!" and he looked a little alarmed then said "Well I think your doing a Great Job!"


Aug 4, 2014

     Tonight I was able to tuck my mother in bed like she did me when I was a child. She was calm, we laughed and she giggled. I will treasure this because most evenings are spent with her spiraling into her usual agitated fixations and me not answering the phone because I don’t want to listen to her full-blown psychosis. Tonight was different, tonight was special.


Aug 1, 2014

     So that Mother and I have a memorable time together during my weekly visits I have been reading old letters to her that are 50+ years and older. She is blind so reading letters works better than looking at old photos. Our time together is happy, we laugh, we discuss and we reminisce – all in memories that are “fresh” to her. When I have to leave, she is calm, better than any drug.

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