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Unexpected moments are common in caregiving, whether humorous, inspiring or embarrassing they happen to all caregivers. Caregiver Stories is a place to share your stories and read other caregivers’ stories.

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28 hrs ago

     Some family members are just greedy or thoughtless or selfish or self-involved or just lazy. Those of us who have been "trained" to be the responsible member of the family do all of the hard work. Nothing is expected from them, so they give nothing in return. Those of us who are "chosen" aren't being chosen because we're prettier or smarter or stronger. We get "chosen" because we care more.


4 days ago

     Of all the strange moments living through mom's dementia, the one that hit the hardest was when she could not remember my last name.


Jan 12, 2015

     Chrsitmas time, I went to moms board and care. I sat with her for a afternoon snack. Got up to get juice for her, when I turned around, she had something green coming out of her mouth....I gently pulled on it. It was green velvet, finally the christmas bell that was attached to it, escaped from her teeth :) Don't know what all of a sudden a xmas decoration looked appetizing.


Jan 11, 2015

     I had an awesome day yesterday with my mom. She is temporarily in a nursing/rehab facility to get stronger after 3 weeks in the hospital for pneumonia and pulmonary fibrosis. I took my female Golden to visit and she was an awesome hit with all the residents! We walked around when Mom was at therapy and asked if people wanted a visit from the dog. It was great for me as well!


Jan 5, 2015

     I am waiting for signs from my husband who passed away just over 2 months ago. He did not believe in the afterlife at all. I have had 3 encounters with rainbows and am so hoping that these were signs.


Jan 4, 2015

     Can you believe some people do not believe in after life? Amazing....When My dad died, I had a few signs that he changed his mind on this too He wasn't a believer, but after he went.. he gave me tons of signs.... Love you Dad!!!!


Dec 31, 2014

     My grandma's CD player was broken today. Luckily we had planned ahead & got her a new one for Xmas. She was patiently waiting for me to fix it (every two seconds she asked me what I was doing to her music) and I was having issues since I had mistakenly left the paper CD in there. Finally I got it working and she smiled and thanked me by name to fixing her music. I felt good to her thank me.


Dec 29, 2014

     So my grandma fell breaking her neck and on Halloween she was moved to Rehab since she was not able to walk. She was released 20 days later and it was too soon. She was addicted to pain killers, her sugar was out of whack and she was so confused with a UTI. We had a rough few weeks at first but last night she turned to mom and I and said that she was so thankful to be with us. It was a good night.


Dec 28, 2014

     In Winter, Mom hates a shower, so she takes "sponge baths". Today I cut up her sponge in small pieces-- inside was full of BLACK MOLD. She was not happy.


Dec 8, 2014

     My mother has been given a one day a week schedule for me to take her out to do her errands, go to the hair salon, and go out for lunch. One day ever week to 10 days. She's done well... for two weeks! Today I got an URGENT call that I have to take her to the bank. I can do her banking online.. but I guess she's bored. I'm sticking to my guns. We have a schedule now. See you on Friday, Mom.

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